Artwork: Fused Glass Plates and Bowls


My most recent art venture has been more on the sculptural side, with fused glass, and I am in love!

A few years ago my mom began purchasing glass fusing supplies in order to teach a glass lesson at her elementary school. As she developed her projects she began bringing home her examples, pieces of jewelry, decorative tiles, and ornaments. I loved her creations and I was dying to try them out for myself.

My opportunity came when I switched jobs from a public school to a private school. This switch brought me smaller class sizes, a larger art room, more support for my program, and a large budget. As I stared at my budget spreadsheet all I could see was glass. I immediately submitted a request for supplies, and my glass-making began.

I experimented until I found a style I liked, a contrast between organic and geometric lines. This piece is a smaller bowl and was created using flat glass pieces and frit.

Fused Glass- Geometric Pattern Round Plate

I love the scalloped design against the straight edges of my cut rectangles and squares. I decided to create a five-piece plate set using this design concept, here are two of the five.

Fused Glass-Geometric Blue and Green PlateSince receiving my shipment of glass supplies, and creating my own examples, I have taught a glass fusing lesson to my high school 3D II class, and they loved it! Throughout the project, I heard them talk about how much fun they were having and the majority of them have marked the project as their favorite for the year. I plan on posting my lesson on glass-making soon!

If you love these bowls and plates take a look at my other creations on my Etsy shop here! Thanks for stopping by and supporting my blog, I hope to see you back soon!

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