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Art and Craft Fair: St. Pius X Holiday Marketplace

logo-marketplaceIt has been one busy month! I have yet another art and craft festival to share about. This is the third I have been involved in this month, and not quite the last one. I have enjoyed every minute of the arts and crafts festivals I have participated in. It has given me a taste of what it is like to be a working artist. And, I must say, I am liking it.

This Saturday, 11/22/14, is the St. Pius X Holiday Marketplace. This is another huge festival, the perfect place to get a head start on your holiday shopping. This is the 21st annual Holiday Marketplace, and with over 160 vendors, a raffle, and bake sale, this is an Atlanta event you have to check out. It costs just $3.00 to get in the door to check out all the amazing booths. The $3.00 also provides a raffle ticket for an opportunity to win a handmade item from one of the 160 items donated to the raffle, and all proceeds go towards the St. Pius X scholarship fund.


My dove silhouette encaustic is one of the many items you could win in the raffle.

marist craft fair

I can’t wait to start setting up this Friday, and I have a wide variety of items and prices to offer. My display has held up well through all of the events this month, and I am looking forward to putting it to good use once again.



growth of a treeI will have a variety of sizes available of my mixed media encaustic works of art. They range in size from 24″x 24″ to 6″x 6″. Prices range from $650.00-$25.00.

birch tree

I have just completed another set of my three mixed media birch tree encaustics. They look beautiful hanging next to each other, with the background moving from dark to light, or sold separately. They each measure 12″x 12″ and are available for $100.00 each.


I will also have my encaustic letters as well as matted letter prints. These are easy to grab and give as personalized gifts to a friend or family member. The encaustic letters measure 6″x 6″ and are $25.00 each. The prints are 6″x 6″ and are matted in white 8″x 10″ or 8″ x 8″ mats, and are only $10.00 each.

Come check out the 21st St. Pius X Holiday Marketplace! Get additional information and directions here.

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Visual Journal Page 73: It Was Worth It

Visual-Journal-Page-73-It-Was-Worth-It Visual-Journal-Page-73-It-Was-Worth-It

We were wrapping up another week at the wonderful, Hilton Head Island, beach. I enjoyed quality time with my family and the sun, while I worked on my tan, played on the beach, and consumed book after book. Overall I was well relaxed.

My relaxation ended the second to last day of our trip. My parents decided it was time to shake things up a bit, and do something different. They rented two jet skis, I couldn’t wait to try them out.

My parents doubled up on one, while my brother and I doubled up on the second one. As we began climbing on, getting ourselves settled in, my nerves began to take hold. I decided I wasn’t ready to drive first, Ramsey should be the first to go. I climbed on the jet ski behind him, and readied myself for an adventure. I felt less nervous knowing I could sit back and relax in the beginning stages. What I didn’t know was by being my brothers passenger, rather than the driver, my nerves were about to go into overdrive.

All went well at first. We slowly pulled out of the marina, and putt-putted our way to open water. The no wake rule, until we hit the larger area, kept my brother at bay for the first leg of the trip. However, as soon as we hit the open seas he went full throttle. My laid back posture, hands resting on the back of the jet ski, was immediately replaced by squeezing around my brother for dear life, feet slipping off the bottom, my butt bouncing on the seat, threatening to fly right off.

I tried yelling, screaming, saying his name, trying to get him to slow down. The swishing, rushing wind took every word with it, as I came to terms with my situation.

By the time he slowed down my entire body was exhausted, less from fear, and more from every muscle in me tensing up, trying to stay on the jet ski. I was ready for my turn, and my revenge. I did a nice slow loop at first, then hit the throttle, sending my brother into the same situation he placed me. I felt more secure in the driver’s seat. Knowing I had full control. I had the handlebars to hold onto, and my brother anchoring me on the back. Unfortunately, my speedy ride didn’t faze him on bit, he had the time of his life.

We continued to switch off, every time he took control I prepared myself for another, possibly life threatening ride. In no time it was time to head back to the marine. I was incredibly tired and sore the next day, just from trying to stay onto the jet ski while my brother drove like a crazy person. Despite the fear he placed in me I still had an amazing time, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I’m pretty sure you almost killed me once or twice… but it was worth it…


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Bleeding tissue paper
  • Water
  • Colored pencils
  • Sharpie


To create this visual journal page I wanted to make a very nautical feeling page. I decided the best way to accomplish this was to use water based materials, something along the lines of watercolor or bleeding tissue paper. Eventually, I decided bleeding tissue paper would work best. However, rather than simply squeeze the pigment out of the paper, I decided to use the actual tissue paper in my book.

To do this I took a stack of different shades of blue and green bleeding tissue paper, and splattered water all over them. I set it out on my counter until it dried. Once dry I carefully separated the layers and fell in love with the results. The dark and light blues bled colors into each other, creating pops of color, areas of white and gray. The green sheet had a beautiful pop of white and yellow among the tie dye sections of green.

I took the paper and cut them into strips. I glued the green strip, using rubber cement, 3/4 of the way up the page. I left a small space, then began gluing the layers of blue paper. I overlapped the blue, and varied the amount of space I left before adding another layer. The result was a wave like, tie dyed ocean. It was just what I envisioned.

Next, I began working on the jet ski. I looked up a picture to reference, and began sketching it out on a white sheet of paper. I then added color, shadows, and highlights, using colored pencils. I glued the completed jet ski drawing the the right side page. I added some ripped up book pages, to look like foam on a wave, and overlapped a strip of tissue paper, to make it look like it is sitting in the water.

Last but not least I added sharpie words to the space between the green and blue tissue paper.


Create a visual journal page using bleeding tissue paper. Try stacking the paper, wetting it, letting it dry, and gluing the actual tissue paper in your book. Have fun!

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The Sketch Series: Encaustic Mixed Media Art


I’m really excited to share my newest work of art, and hopefully a new direction for my encaustic work.

Last year I began playing around with encaustic wax as a new material. I love the entire process, melting the wax, smoothing it, layering, and carving back into it. I instantly fell in love, and since then I have been working to refine my technique.


When I first started I played around with image transfers and began my silhouette series. I have always loved decorating my home with objects, new, old, antique, and unique. Old sewing machines, eclectic furniture, and interesting artwork fill every nook and cranny of my home. With my silhouette series I sought to bring attention to individual items in the hopes that it would spark a memory and create a connection to future owners or viewers.

While I am not abandoning my silhouette art I am moving in a new direction to a place more abstract, larger scale, simple yet complex. I add paper, encaustic wax, and paint to create layer after layer of delicate, somewhat neutral, and textured depth. As you look at the background the layers slowly reveal themselves.


On top of the layered background I painted naples yellow encaustic wax, then carved a simple line on top. The line outlines the beginnings of a tree, a simple sketch of a recognizable shape. I filled the line with paynes gray oil paint to emphasize it. Around the edge of the painting I repeated lines in a crosshatch pattern using white and naples yellow oil paint. I wanted to reference the straight line, stick like shape of the tree throughout the painting.


I hope by using a very basic line to form these shapes I am toning down the feel of my artwork and allowing the viewer more space to create the rest of the form. I have always admired abstract art, and I hope I can move in that direction with my own work.

I have already begun my next piece, a boat inspired encaustic painting, and can’t wait to see where this bit of inspiration will take me next. I will continue to share as I continue to create!

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Spray Paint Murals: Chor Boogie

michael jackson mural copy

I have always had an interest in street art. I love the vibrant colors, range of subject matter, and sense of freedom spray painted images have. As a child the special trips into the city of Atlanta brought awe at the height of buildings and a bit of shock to see words and images plastered on the sides of walls.

As an adult now living in the city I love seeing the living walls. Real art is created here. Conversations between artists happen as a stenciled bunny rabbit is suddenly surrounded by spray painted carrots, then a fox chasing from behind. One day I drive down the street and discover a mural being created, the next day I find Tom Selleck’s silhouette appeared on a bridge overnight. There is constant change, expression, and artistic freedom on these walls. You see mistakes, growth, and change in the layers of paint.

With spray paint often used as a means of vandalization and gang tagging it has developed a bad name. However, despite it’s many negative connotations I do believe there has been more acceptance of good intentioned (and well done) graffiti art. I am excited to see Atlanta begin to embrace street art rather than fight it. This is evident by the large increase in commissioned public art I have seen in my five years in the city. Amazing images have begun brighting dark corners, alleyways, tunnels, and overpasses. The ability for street artists and government officials to come together and create has brought much more culture and flavor onto the walls of my city. For those who don’t spend their weekends wandering art museums, walking down the street has now become an opportunity for them to be introduced to and experience art.

Chor Boogie is one of the artists working to give spray paint a good name.


Chor has been creating since the age of five, and spray painting since he was 13. For 23 years he has been working with spray paint, honing his skills, and working towards redefining spray paint as a fine art medium. A completely self taught artist, Chor has worked his way from Oceanside, CA to San Fransisco, and all over the world. His work of art, “The Eyes of the Berlin Wall” sold for $500,000.00, breaking records for the street art genre, and setting a standard for street art as fine art.

Chor is not only breaking down the walls between street art and fine art, he is taking the pieces and transforming them into unbelievable examples of the capabilities of spray paint.


Chor’s artwork contains the sense of freedom and expression I am immediately attracted to. His work has layer after layer of bright colors, intertwining shapes, and a mix of graphic art and realism, which seamlessly come together to create images with impact. Simply looking at a picture online I feel enveloped in the color, I can only image what it is like to stand in front of one of these massive murals.

All of his work is created with 100% spray paint. His 23 years of experience is evident in the way he handles the material. The crisp lines, carefully faded colors, and overall clean look of his artwork is an unbelievable example of how spray paint rivals what any other fine art material can do.

chor boogie at work

I can feel the expression of his artwork dripping down the lines of the spray paint splatters and seeping through his many layers. I feel like I can breath looking at his work, it doesn’t look tight, stuffy, or overworked. I think part of the sense of freedom has to do with his process. He doesn’t spend a lot of time pre planning. His process is very go with the flow, which is evident through his work and in the way he describes it, “I basically scale everything by eye on a natural feel to keep things a little organic along with years of experience, I have a rendering if I’m doing realistic portraits, but I always add my original flavor to it.”

I envy his process. I get too caught up in the pre-planning stages and the little details. I strive to find a way to let loose, be organic, which is why I am so drawn to what he does.

Recently Chor was commissioned to complete a large scale mural on the ground floor of the CUBES, a retail development off West 42nd street in New York City. Chor chose to complete large scale portraits of Michael Jackson and Madonna. The bright patterns pop through the all glass front of the building. The layered spray paint shines through the more monochromatic, and slightly translucent faces of the two celebrities. The layers intrigued me as soon as I saw the images, and when asked the meaning behind them he simply explained, “everyone has flavor to them, some form of abstract within them, and we are all based upon layers shapes and forms.. that create a whole… as one.” Despite our individual level of celebrity, creativity, or exterior differences we are all made up of the same amazing, beautiful shapes.


Future murals have already been planned for the second and third floors of the building, with super hero and film icons lined up to add a little flavor to the currently blank walls. I asked why he chose these themes for the projects and Chor explained, “I know I’m just like these celebrities and super heroes because I put in just as much work, just a different medium and on a different stage… and if the super hero theme mural happens, its all in relation to super heroes in NYC and the rest of the world..”

chor boogie and michael jackson

I’m excited to see the level of recognition Chor has received for his work. He is taking steps to change the views of spray paint’s role as a fine art medium. I hope with his continued success he will bring light to the importance of public works of art, and increase the collaboration between cities and their artists. He finished up our interview with a little advice for up and coming artists, “can’t stop won’t stop… never stop believing… make it or not.. never disrespect your talent ..”

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Visual Journal Page 38: A Place That Takes Our Breath Away


I always dream of my honeymoon. While my mind ought to be worrying about deadlines, assignments, and students it instead wanders to far off Costa Rica, 70 degree weather, and absolute relaxation.

I am continuously reminded of my already past vacation as my now engaged friends discuss details of their upcoming trips with their future husbands. It warms my heart to think of what an amazing adventure Nick and I had, while at the same time the thought gives me a sense of melancholy because the moment I dreamed since I was little has already come and gone.

Our honeymoon really was amazing. It was beautiful, relaxing, and a once in a lifetime experience. As newlyweds we spent six days in Costa Rica, three in the rain forest, three at the beach, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Even the hours spent traveling from location to location in rickety cars through mountain passes was perfect.

Watching the scenery pass by felt like we were sitting still as the trees and valleys wove in between the slopes of mountains. It was amazing to see how much changed as we transitioned from the center of the country into the coast, volcanoes and mountains slowly flattened into hillsides and beaches.

This image feels like a snapshot I took while on our car rides. When I replay the memories, this is what I see, and this is what I miss. It’s bittersweet watching your honeymoon pass by. But I already have dreams of returning, perhaps our five, ten, or fifteen year wedding anniversary. You never know with each passing year what will come, but I am determined to go back, rewind, replay, and relive our honeymoon


  • Visual journal
  • Scissors
  • Rubber cement
  • Sharpie
  • Book pages
  • Magazine image


This visual journal page is meant to focus on the image I found in a National Geographic magazine. Because the page relies on the image, I only had to create the placeholder for it.

I glued the image down in the center of both right and left pages, and integrated it into the book by overlapping ripped up pages from the book along the edges. I then left a space of the original book page, and glued more ripped up pages just above the space, this created a smooth space to write my words. I finished by writing the words “one day lets run away to a place that takes our breath away” in sharpie.


Create a page for your past, upcoming, or future honeymoon.

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