Yearbook Bundle Pack for a Full Year: Syllabus, Contracts, Timeline, Planning

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I have taught yearbook for many years, and love the entire process. This yearbook bundle pack will set you up for the entire year of planning, organizing, and making your yearbook.
In this bundle you will be able to plan, design, organize, introduce the website, share information with parents and students, and teach your staff members how to collect information.
In all this pack includes:
➢A yearlong timeline
Beginning of the year worksheets:
➢Staff Application
➢Returning Staff Application
➢Staff Contract
➢Section Editor Contract
➢Editor-in-Chief Contract
➢Class Syllabus
Worksheets to plan your yearbook:
➢Organizing sections
➢Developing sub-themes
➢Cover Design
Introducing layout and design:
➢PowerPoint introduction with examples, layout and design tips
➢Teacher instructions, tips, and how tos
➢Assignment rubric
➢Assignment checklist for the students
➢Layout and design tip worksheet
➢Interview questions worksheet
Information to get started:
➢Organization tips
➢Everyday story ideas
➢Athletics information sheet
➢Student life information sheet
➢Clubs information sheet
➢Student spotlight information sheet
➢Fine arts performances information sheet
➢Artist spotlight information sheet
➢Academics information sheet
➢Student photography release form
The following packs are included in this bundle:
Check out my organization and data collection worksheets here.
Check out my yearbook timeline here.
Check out my beginning of the year, yearbook worksheets (including syllabus and staff contracts) here.
Check out my bundle pack of yearbook brainstorm worksheets here.
(including theme, folio, section, fonts, colors, and other pre-planning activities)
Check out my first yearbook assignment of the year and intro to layout and design here.
Check out the rest of my products here.


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