Still Life Watercolor Project for Middle, High School Art


This still life watercolor project introduces middle and high school art students to basic watercolor, composition, and drawing techniques.


Designed for upper middle school art or high school art classes, bring a new element to a still life watercolor project with this watercolor painting lesson. Includes presentations, activities, sketchbook assignment, watercolor painting tips, and more.

Teaching students how to paint from life is an important skill to teach. However, still life projects can be dull. Liven up your typical still-life project with a twist, introducing a creative figure/ground element to it.

For this project, students are walked through the process of creating a strong composition, accurate base drawingwatercolor techniques, and how to add an interesting element to their painting by removing an object using masking fluid.

All in all this lesson pack includes:

  • Lesson plan (each lesson plan includes a big idea, essential questions, objectives, art standards, supply list, and a step-by-step breakdown on how to present this assignment.)
  • PowerPoint Part I
  • PowerPoint Part II
  • Artist research sheet
  • Sketchbook assignment
  • Composition tips handout
  • Critique worksheet
  • Rubric

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