Middle, High School Art Graphic Design Project: Design a Font Lesson


Teach your middle or high school students how to design their own, installable font to incorporate digital and graphic design into your art program.


This digital design, graphic design-based project tasks middle or high school art students with developing their own font. Using free programs that are downloaded to your computer or accessed online through Pixlr, Inkscape, and Glphyr Studio students create a typeface that can be installed and used on a computer like any other font.

This project is ideal for upper middle school or high school art students with some design experience. It can be used at the end of the semester in an intro to design course or in a design II or advanced design class.

This lesson plan pack is extremely comprehensive. Even if you have zero experience with Pixlr, Inkscape, and Glyphr Studio you can learn along with the students with the resources included. This is a perfect intro to learning about design-based careers such as graphic design.

All in all this pack has:

  • Lesson Plan (with a big idea, national standards, vocabulary, step-by-step instructions, and more)
  • 2 PowerPoints
  • Research activity
  • Sketchbook activity
  • Practice sheet to plan their font
  • Anatomy of typography reference and activity
  • Hand-drawn font to digital typeface project guide
  • Creating a digital design typeface project guide
  • Create a design fully online using Glyphr project guide
  • Design board guide
  • Project checklist
  • Critique reflection
  • Critique activity
  • Project rubric
  • Anatomy of typography poster

Check out my elements of design worksheet pack here. Use these handouts with this project to further deepen your student’s understanding of the elements of design.

Check out my principles of design worksheet packet here to reinforce ideas in your Introduction to Design course. These are also perfect for distance learning art and have digital fill-in options.

Check out my shoe design project and teach your students the basics of Adobe Illustrator (this is a great precursor to this project). Check out my book cover and album design cover projects here (another great precursor and intro to Adobe Photoshop).

Check out additional design class projects and resources here.

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