Introduction to Digital Photography, DSLR: 7 Printable Photography Posters


Use these 7 printable photography posters to show students how a DSLR camera works and how to adjust settings. Manual mode cheat sheet included.


Help your digital photography students understand how to take manual photographs using a DSLR digital camera.  This digital printable photography posters pack includes 7 posters and a display header. They can be printed to the larger size and displayed or printed in the smaller version and handed to students as a worksheet.

These are digital files, the posters come in 2 different size PDFs, and can be printed at home or at a print shop.

All in all this bundle includes:

An Introduction to Photography course has so many things to cover. Digital cameras, DSLRs, are complicated, and so is the process of capturing the perfect picture.  Each printable poster has two sizes: 24″x36″, and 8.5″x11.” The larger size can be printed on a large format printer, printed to 11″x17″ (available on many office copiers) or printed to the small size on a standard sheet of printer paper.

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