Impressionism Art Project: Garden Painting


Combine art-making with art history using this Impressionism art project pack. Designed for upper elementary through middle school art students engage students with this fun painting project.


This upper elementary art or middle school art Impressionism art project is the perfect way to combine art making with art history. This art lesson focuses on the Impressionism art movement with a focus on Claude Monet. Using Monet’s garden paintings as inspiration students create their own Impressionist garden paintings.
This Impressionism art project pack includes everything you need to teach this project including adaptions for younger and older students. A demo video, 3 PowerPoint presentations, a project guide, and 3 activities are included to help students prepare and complete this art lesson.
This project is ideal for 3rd grade artists through 8th grade artists but can be adapted for early high school.
All in all this product includes: 
  • Lesson plan and teacher notes (10 pages)
  • PowerPoint presentation on introducing the project (26 slides)
  • Project guide (2 pages)
  • Demo video (15 minutes)
  • Wrought iron fence and gate how to (2 pages)
  • Day 2 PowerPoint presentation with instructions (22 slides)
  • Color mixing activity (2 pages)
  • Day 2 PowerPoint presentation with instructions (12 slides)
  • Fast finisher beach garden design activity (2 pages)
  • Project checklist (1 page)
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This Impressionism art project pack was created in collaboration with my amazing, wonderful mother, Anne Ward. She is a retired elementary art teacher of over 30 years. She has a wealth of knowledge in the art education field and still teaches private lessons, summer sessions, and acts as a resource for her former school county. My mom is the reason I became an art educator and now I am so excited to team up with her so she can help inspire other art teachers!


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