Homeschool Art Projects: 9 Week Homeschool Art Curriculum

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This homeschool art curriculum includes 9 weeks of hand-selected lessons perfect for homeschool art projects, low supply, easy to implement!


This art project pack was curated with homeschool programs in mind. This homeschool art curriculum has enough art activities and projects to cover nine weeks. The homeschool art project pack is ideal for middle school art and high school art students, it covers intro-level techniques.

This art project pack includes projects and activities that are lower supply and easy to implement, even if you don’t have art experience. Students will learn the basics of contour lines, shading, and perspective, using the grid, portrait drawing, color theory, painting, and mixed media.

All in all this homeschool art curriculum includes:

Intro Drawing Activities

  • Teacher instructions
  • Face-Vase worksheet
  • Picasso upside-down drawing
  • Mona Lisa upside-down drawing
  • Horse upside-down drawing

Shading Basics Activity

  • Printable activity, front and back
  • Printable poster to reference on a larger size

Value & Shading Activities

  • A lesson plan (with a big idea, objectives, vocabulary, national middle and high school art standards, and step-by-step instructions on implementing the activity)
  • Value and shading worksheet
  • Value scale and labeling worksheet

Perspective Drawing Unit

  • One lesson plan (covers both lessons and includes standards, vocabulary, timeline, and step-by-step instructions)
  • City Block Rubric
  • Name perspective checklist
  • PowerPoint
  • One point perspective worksheet
  • Two-point perspective worksheet
  • Two-point perspective detail guide handout

Portrait Drawing

  • Lesson plan with a big idea, objectives, national standards, supply list, vocabulary, step-by-step teachers instructions, and more.
  • PowerPoint presentation to introduce the artist exemplar and the grid method
  • Chuck Close artist research sheet
  • Grid drawing method instructions
  • Demo video on setting up a grid drawing
  • Viewfinder printout
  • Facial proportions how to
  • Eye measurement how to
  • Critique
  • Rubric

Color Theory Activities

  • Color theory lesson plan (including big idea, essential questions, goals, vocabulary, national standards, supply, list, step-by-step instructions, and more.)
  • Part I PowerPoint
  • Color wheel worksheet
  • Part II PowerPoint
  • Color schemes worksheet
  • Part III PowerPoint
  • Grayscale and neutral worksheets
  • Assignment checklist

Color Schemes and Selfies Project

  • Lesson plan (with vocabulary, national standards, essential questions, big idea, goals, objectives, step-by-step instructions, materials list)
  • PowerPoint and PDF versions of the presentation
  • How to posterize a picture using Photoshop handout
  • How to posterize a picture using Pixlr (free program) handout
  • Rubric

Mixed Media Project

  • A thorough lesson plan (big idea, I can, goals, essential questions, objectives, supply list, resource links, step-by-step implementation instructions). With instructions to use for second grades or adapting it for older students up to 6th grade.
  • Demo video to show how to create a tape transfer
  • PowerPoint presentation to introduce the project
  • Project guide handout
  • Tape transfer how-to worksheet
  • Student checklist
  • Rubric

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