Altered Book Class: Virtual Art Course Weeks 33-36

Check out the final four weeks of my altered book class. Access everything online to teach you how to use oil pastels, stamps, find personal inspiration, and design a book cover.


I am so excited to roll out the final section of my art self-paced course on visual journaling. This altered book class builds on techniques taught in my Introduction to visual journals course and my weeks 29 to 32 course. The four lessons included in my altered book class focus on learning new materials and techniques and designing a book cover. I recommend starting with my virtual art course, Visual Journal Weeks 1 to 4, after that course the sequencing doesn’t matter, choose which courses sound most interesting to you!

After going through my Introduction to Visual Journal course, you don’t have to complete weeks 29 to 32 to understand lessons in weeks 33 to 36. Different techniques are taught to be used in your visual journal or junk journal.

Sign up for my virtual art course on visual journals here for just $24.00. Click the link to checkout on my course host page, Thrive Cart.

This altered book class is designed to introduce visual journaling materials and techniques. 4 lessons are included in this pack on using oil pastes, stamps, finding inspiration in your personal life, and designing a book cover. Watch the videos and start your own journal!

The altered book class includes:

  • Lesson One (week 33): Using Oil Pastels
    • Instruction sheet
    • Oil pastels how-to guide (with oil pastels tips and 5 ways to use them)
    • 19-minute demo video
    • Checklist
  • Lesson Two (week 30): Using Stamps
    • Instruction sheet
    • Using stamps guide (with 5 ways to use them plus how to make your own)
    • 19-minute demo video
    • Checklist
  • Lesson Three (week 35): Personal Inspiration
    • Instruction sheet
    • 16 Things Guide (activity to help inspire a personal page)
    • 14-minute demo video
    • Checklist
  •  Lesson Four (week 36): Book Cover Design
    • Instruction sheet
    • Book cover guide (step-by-step instructions on how to make your own visual journal book cover)
    • 18-minute demo video
    • Checklist

The course is hosted through ThriveCart. All you have to do to join is sign up here, check out through their secure website, and create an account. Once you log in you will see the Visual Journal course on your dashboard. Work through the 4 lesson packs at your own pace.

My visual journal lesson packs have been very popular the last few years, and I wanted to step it up to reach a wider audience.

I can’t wait to create visual journals with you! Don’t forget to ask questions at, on InstagramTikTok, and Facebook. You can also join my subscriber list to get updates straight to your inbox.


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