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Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art Discussion in Art Class

Helping middle & high school students develop an opinion about art is an important part of teaching art. Discuss aesthetics to facilitate this (I will tell you how).

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tar paper painting example

Tar Paper Painting Project

Get details on how to teach this tar paper painting project with your upper elementary, middle, or high school art students. Cheap & easy!

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4 End of Term High School Art Class Ideas

Read 4 tips to make life less chaotic at the end of your middle or high school art classes.

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Favorite Art Classroom Hacks

6 Art Room Organization Hacks

This week I want to focus on 6 of my favorite art room organization hacks for your art classroom or art studio. Over the many years I was in my classroom I was constantly tweaking, trying new things, and hoarding supplies to try to make my art teaching life easier and my art space more…

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art teacher t-shirt

Teacher T-Shirts, Apparel, Accessories, & More

I’ve got merch, ya’ll! I am so excited to officially roll out my teacher t-shirts and accessories, check them out here. We all love our jean Fridays, but I was often left wondering what to pair with them. Most of my t-shirts didn’t feel school appropriate or were too casual. With that in mind I…

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Visual Journal Examples

Visual Journal Ideas for Jumpstarting a Visual Journal Project

What is a visual journal? A visual journal is a mixed media project that uses a hardback book as a base. These are sometimes referred to as altered books, but in my class, I view them as journals to encourage a personal connection to the student. Students work directly in the book using paint, colored…

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