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Fused Glass Plates: Backyard Chicken Decor


I very rarely make art for myself. Typically, I will put together pieces for gifts, commissions, or they are immediately added to my Etsy shops after their creation. When I began dabbling in the world of fused glass, it was no different. Everything I make goes straight to Crafted Westside, or my Sweet Celadon store. One day, while developing a fused glass lesson for my 3D II class, I decided it was time to be selfish. I was going to make a set of chicken plates all for me.


While touring the annual Stacks Artist and Loft tour in Cabbagetown, Atlanta, GA, I discovered a stained and fused glass artist, Susan McCracken. She had amazing fused glass plates of fish, foxes, and other animal assortments. You could see thin lines where she pieced the background around the forms, to create a two layer fused piece. Immediately, the wheels began turning in my head, and I decided to make a lesson out of it.

Richard Parker

I began experimenting with the process of cutting the background around the object, by making a rooster plate. It was inspired by my then rooster, Richard Parker, a Rhode Island Red. He has since found a new home, with a lot more land and hens. If you look closely, you can see the thin lines that mark the cut lines.


After success with my rooster plate, I decided to make a plate for each of my chickens. It was a great way to hone my glass fusing skills and decorate my home. After completing Richard Parker, I took on Amy. I bought a sheet of glass with a mix of oranges and yellows, to match her Buff Orpington colors as close as possible.

Thackary Binks

After Amy was complete, I began on Thackary Binks, my Barred Rock. I love her black and white patterning, and I found the perfect glass pattern to mimic it. This plate is my favorite out of the set. I love the movement of the chicken bending over, the pattern turned out just right, and she has so much character (in real life and in the plate).


I waited as long as possible to take on Wendall, my Ameraucana. She has the most complicated patterning out of all three chickens, and it took a bit of planning before I could get started. I carefully cut small black triangles, for her black neck, tail, and wing feathers, and intermixed them with orange and the mottled orange glass. While I struggled to piece everything together, I was happy with the end result. I think she looks the least chicken-like of all three plates, but this is my Mom’s favorite of the set, which makes me feel better about the end result.


The Wendall plate has the most obvious cut lines showing.

So far, I have taught the glass fusing and piecing lesson two times. Both times the students have been very pleased with the end result. They have created a range of designs from elephants, to sailboats, to under the sea scenes. My students love the glass fusing process, and I hope to continue to include it in my lesson plans in the future. Check out my glass fusing set up and lesson plan here.

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Arts and Craft Fair: Whimsical Wares in Marietta, GA

IMG_1789 copy


It is time for art and craft fair number two, at the annual Whimsical Wares show in Marietta, GA. Over the summer, Debbie, one of the co-founders of the show, reached out to me about including me in their 18th Whimsical Ware show. I loved her enthusiasm, the setup sounded easy, and a portion of the sales is donated to CURE Childhood Cancer. How could I say no.


I quickly decided I would commit to the show, and began putting together a variety of fused glass and encaustic pieces to display. Despite being sandwiched between two shows I was already committed to, I decided I could make this fit into my schedule as well. One of the main reasons I was able to commit, was because of the low commitment required of the artists. I am excited to attend the artist meet and greet on Thursday 11/14/14, from 6-9, but am glad Debbie, Helaine, and other volunteers are taking care of the rest.

marist craft fair

This past Sunday, I set up my items, and headed home. The show opens today 11/12/14 (from 9-5) and runs through Sunday 11/16/14. I am not required to be present for any part of it, and in return, they get a percentage of all sales. It gave me time to prep for my next show, at St. Pius X Holiday Marketplace on 11/22/14, and regain some energy after a very busy beginning of the month. Last weekend was spent at the Marist Holiday Traditions festival, which was a huge success. However, I am in need of a weekend at home, and am thrilled I can participate in another event, while being able to do that.

Whimsical Wares Artwork

I have a wide variety of items, and prices, at the Whimsical Wares festival. I have fused glass plates, bowls, and slumped bottles that range in price from $8.00-$48.00. I also have mixed media, encaustic paintings that range in price from $50.00-$650.00. One of the newer items have I begun offering are matted prints of my mixed media, encaustic letters, at only $15.00 each.


I have enjoyed putting together all of my fused glass pieces. I have nest designs on bright colored backgrounds, birch tree plates, and geometric designs. I am also in love with the slumped, antique coke bottles, which are perfect for spoon rests.


My 6″x6″ encaustic paintings were one of the most popular items at the Marist Holiday Traditions show. I love seeing people connect with the different imagery, tying a memory or special moment to the various objects.

IMG_1791My backyard chickens are an endless source of inspiration for my artwork, and I can’t seem to keep my chicken paintings in stock. These are the latest chicken themed paintings I have completed. Real chicken feathers are encased in layers of wax, with oil painted chickens on top. These both measure 12″x12″.

Whimsical Wares House

The Whimsical Wares show is currently open in an adorable retail space at the intersection of Johnson Ferry Road and Paper Mill Road, in Marietta, GA. Check it out, take care of some holiday shopping, and help CURE Childhood Cancer buy making a purchase.

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March and April Giveaway: Fused Glass Plate and Spoon Rest (closed)

Fused Glass- Small Bowl Shots

Fused Glass-Spoon Rest Shots

Thank you to everyone for participating in this month’s giveaway! I am waiting to confirm with the winners, if they don’t confirm in the next 24 hours, new ones will be selected. Keep checking back for my May giveaway in the next few weeks!

This month’s giveaway covers the months of March and April, which means you have two chances to win! The first giveaway this month is a small fused glass blue, yellow and gray plate. The small size makes this piece very versatile, it could be a cute decorative addition to a side table, a way to spruce up a candle, or a shallow dish for dips and candy! The second prize is a blue and gray asymmetrical bowl. This piece could serve as a spoon rest, candy dish, or decorative addition to your house.

Both of these prizes were personally made by me. I recently discovered how to fuse glass, and I am falling in love with the process. Every piece I personally pick out colors, plan the design, cut the glass to size, fuse the pieces together, and slump them in my kiln. I have also recently added a glassware section to my Etsy shop in hopes that I can fund my new love with glass sales!

To enter this competition all you have to do is complete three easy steps. You are only eligible to win one item, two winners will be selected.

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