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Visual Journal Page 55: Bedtime Bear

When I realized what visual journal page I was blogging about today I was equal parts heart warmed and melancholy. This visual journal page is for my Kody Bear who lived a long 13.5 years, but went on to puppy heaven two and a half years ago. Kody Bear was sweet, snuggly *at his discretion,*…

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Visual Journal Page 30: The Fleas Disease

      If your dog has ever had fleas… I bet this image makes you shudder… I have always had a family dog, but until a couple of years ago, never saw a flea. Nick and I got Jacob and Kody Bear in college, and they are quite a pair. Nick had Kody before we started…

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Play Hard, Sleep Well, Peaceful House

Every now and then I babysit my parent’s dog, Dusty, for a few days. Dusty and my dogs, Jacob (a beagle mix) and Kody Bear (a German Shepard/Husky mix), love to play. Most of the time 15 pound Dusty spends his time jumping up on 75 pound Kody, so he can show him who is…

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