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Visual Journal Page 56: Yellow Plate Day

I believe that everyone has their quirks. Everyone has some little routine, task, or object that makes them feel a little better, a little more balanced. I am a self proclaimed routiner. I live for my routine. I enjoy doing things in a certain order, taking care of my “little tasks”, as Nick so lovingly…

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Visual Journal Page 52: Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds remind me of my grandmother. She loved all things hummingbird, and had various trinkets, jewelry, window hangings, and decor that reflected her love. As a child I remember identifying her with hummingbirds because of these items and because of the feeder, set just outside her screened in porch, that attracted hummingbird after hummingbird. I…

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Visual Journal Page 51: AP Due Dates

I think it’s hilarious when I hear students say they are taking AP Art because they think it will be an easy AP. As I smile and nod I think to myself, “Soon enough you will realize this is going to be one of the hardest classes you will ever take”… The thing about AP…

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Visual Journal Page 48: The Real Caesar’s Palace

There is nothing in this world like Vegas hotels. I had no idea that part of the fun of Sin City is spending daytime hours touring the hotels. Each hotel has its own theme, outrageous decor, over the top architecture, and interesting design. In four short days I think we saw it all, I felt…

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Visual Journal Page 45: A UGA Field Trip

My second year of teaching fell during a low point in the economy, which meant a lot budget cuts in the education system. I barely had any money for supplies, my classes were over crowded, and field trips weren’t even an option. However my fellow art teacher, Morgan, and I were determined to get our…

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Visual Journal Page 42: Step Outside of the Box

This visual journal page is inspired by high school students. I currently am a high school art teacher and it was difficult returning to the halls of a high school, interacting with teenagers hyped up on hormons, and constantly being reminded of all the things I learned as I walked these halls almost ten years…

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