Watercolor Techniques Painting Project Bundle: Middle, High School Art Lesson


Students learn basic watercolor techniques through 3 different sketchbook-based activities. Instructions, presentations, handouts, and more are included to teach these watercolor techniques.


Check out a preview of this watercolor techniques lesson pack here: Watercolor Techniques Lesson Pack Preview

This is an in-depth introduction to watercolor techniques painting lesson. It is a week-long project that focuses on learning basics, tips, techniques, and applications. Middle school art and high school art students are the target for this watercolor lesson. This pack includes three watercolor-focused activities that can be included in a sketchbook or on single sheets to display.

In my painting class, I never know who has the experience and who doesn’t with watercolor. Because of that, I start with the basics before jumping into a full watercolor painting project. This lesson pack includes mini-lessons on basic techniques, applying techniques to paint landscapes, and working on a whim with plein air painting.

All in all this pack includes:

  • Introduction to Watercolor lesson plan (including big idea, essential questions, objectives, national standards, supply list, and day to day how to)
  • Introduction to Watercolor PowerPoint
  • Watercolor testers handout and instructions
  • Watercolors techniques video
  • Watercolor testers checklist
  • Introduction to Watercolor Landscapes PowerPoint
  • Watercolor landscapes handout and instructions
  • Watercolor landscapes checklist
  • Plein Air Painting PowerPoint
  • Plein air painting handout and instructions
  • Plein air painting checklist

This is everything you need to plan and introduce this assignment. It’s perfect for grades 7th to 12th and beyond.

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