Scratch Foam Art Projects: Flower Pot Print


Looking for scratch foam art projects? Check out this spring-themed scratch foam flower print. Students design their own flower pot, with a focus on pattern and color.


This elementary art or middle school art project pack includes a printmaking art project that teaches students about scratch foam printmaking. Students are introduced to the artist, Clementine Hunter, and her zinnia paintings. They use inspiration from her to create their own flowerpot designs to print from. If you are looking for scratch foam art projects, this is a perfect introduction to the material.

Designed for 3rd grade but perfect for 1st through 6th grade, a great way to introduce scratch foam printmaking and printmaking in general to students. This art lesson is fun, adaptable to a range of age levels, and perfect to teach basics such as composition, line, shape, and pattern. This is great for a Mother’s Day project or spring activity.

All in all, included in this pack:

  • A thorough lesson plan (big idea, I can, goals, essential questions, objectives, supply list, resource links, step by step implementation instructions). With instructions to use for second grades or adapting it for older students up to 6th grade.
  • Teacher notes, so even if you are unfamiliar with scratch foam printmaking, you know how to best set up for it.
  • 4 PowerPoint and PDF presentations to start each day
  • A Demo video to show students the steps (accessed via YouTube or Google Drive)
  • Flowerpot drawing how to
  • Creating depth in art handout examples
  • Pattern practice handout
  • Clementine Hunter artist pack and activities
  • Project checklist
  • How to label an edition handout

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