Middle or High School Grab and Go Art Projects: 10 Art Lessons


Keep these 10 quick, easy grab and go art projects in your back pockets for quick planning, sub plans, and more. Perfect for middle, high school art.


Check out a preview for these 10 grab and go art projects here: Grab and Go Art Projects Preview Pack

Perfect for 4th-12th grade art students, keep these 10 grab-and-go art projects in your back pocket for in pinch situations. If you teach middle school art or high school art these low supply and easy-to-implement assignments are perfect for substitutesearly finishers, or last-minute project planning.

This bundle pack includes a variety of materials you can give to students last-minute or use as you plan ahead with your art curriculum. It has 4 worksheet packs, 2 mixed media art projects, 2 digital art projects (one using Adobe Spark one can be completed with Adobe Photoshop or Google Slides), and 2 art history assignments.

Check out the items in this bundle by clicking the links below:

Trying to plan for school this year presents many challenges, Whether you are in distance learning art, hybrid model, or teaching in a traditional classroom, be prepared with this bundle of 10 grab and go art projects.

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