High School Art Mega Painting Curriculum: 2 Years, 4 Semesters of Painting


This 4 painting curriculum mega bundle includes an introduction to painting, painting I, painting II, and advanced painting semester-long curriculums. Enough to teach every single day for 2 years in your high school art class.


Check out a preview of this mega 4-semester painting curriculum here: Painting Curriculum 4 Semester Preview Pack

Get everything you need to teach 4 semester-long art classes with this high school art painting curriculum bundle. Everything is planned out for you for every single day.

This art curriculum bundle includes my Intro to Art PaintingPainting IPainting II, and Advanced Painting curriculums. See below for specifics on each curriculum. You can also click the links to find out even more information about each one.

Each art project pack includes a PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan (with essential questions, national standards, supply list, and step by step instructions, and a rubric at a minimum. Many of them also include critique activities, artist research sheets, printable worksheets, posters, and how to videos.

Introduction to painting:

  • Semester-long timeline
  • First-day items: syllabus bathroom passes, tell me about you sheet, art survey, letter to parents, artist to know table, and behavior contract
  • Art notebook set up: Table of contents and worksheets
  • 9 lesson plans: includes big idea, essential questions, goals, objectives, supplies, vocabulary, step-by-step instructions, national standards
  • rubrics
  • critique worksheets
  • PowerPoints
  • Worksheets: Including elements of art, principles of design, visual journal, color theory, and many more.

Read more details on the lessons included below:

Painting I:

Below are links to the individual products included in this bundle. In addition to these products are items that are not included on Teachers Pay Teachers (such as the syllabus, supplies list, final project, etc.)

Painting II

All in all the following projects are included in this curriculum:
Click the links for more information on the projects or to purchase them individually.

Advanced Painting

In all this art unit includes:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Tell Me About You worksheet
  • Semester long timeline
  • Supply list for 7 projects
  • Sketchbook project
  • Visual journal pack
  • 25 Things About Me collage
  • Watercolor architecture
  • Abstract Art + Science acrylic painting
  • Food Study oil painting
  • Mini Sustained Investigation project

These are some of the individual lesson plan packs that are included in this bundle:

  • Check out my mini sustained investigation lesson plan here.
  • Check out my hyper-realistic food study lesson here.
  • Check out the acrylic and science painting project here.
  • Check out the sketchbook assignment here.
  • Check out the mixed media project here.
  • Check out my other products here.
  • Check out my other art curriculums here.