Elementary, Middle, or High School Art Project: Mixed Media Mini Tape Transfer Lesson


Teach elementary, middle, or high school students a fun technique, tape transfer. This quick, mini work of art is the perfect intro to mixed media.


Check out a preview of this mini tape transfer lesson here: Tape Transfer Project Preview

This mixed media tape transfer lesson can be a quick one-day project or stretched to up to three days. It’s perfect for upper elementary, middle, or high school art classes and teaches collage and mixed media techniques in one mini work of art.

A packaging tape image transfer is a technique that turns a printed image into a semi-transparent image. Students layer this over a collage of words which shows the words through the picture.

All in all, included in this pack:

  • A thorough lesson plan (big idea, I can, goals, essential questions, objectives, supply list, resource links, step-by-step implementation instructions). With instructions to use for second grades or adapting it for older students up to 6th grade.
  • Demo video to show how to create a tape transfer
  • PowerPoint presentation to introduce the project
  • Project guide handout
  • Tape transfer how-to worksheet
  • Student checklist
  • Rubric

Prep supplies to control the images and text used for a one-day project or allow students the freedom to use their own photographs, find photographs and type the text for a 3-day project. Plug this in, in a pinch, use it if needed at the end of the year, or as a breather before a break.

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