Claude Monet Art History Lesson


This art history lesson focuses on the life and influence on the Impressionism movement Claude Monet had. Presentations and activities are included for all levels of art classes.

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Art history is an incredibly important part of any art class. Create a well-balancedart history lesson by setting aside time every week to teach your students about art history and important artists such as Claude Monet.

This art history lesson focuses on the artist, Claude Monet, his life, and his influence on the Impressionist style. A deep dive into his life, other artists in the Impressionism movement, and more are included in this art history lesson. Two presentations and activities are included for younger grades or adapted students and for middle and high school students.

Put a fun spin on it by presenting it as a way for them to travel around the world and learn about other cultures. They can earn stamps for their journals, similar to an actual passport, by learning about artwork in different periods and places.

All in all this art history lesson pack includes:

  • Lesson plan (including big idea, essential questions, objectives, national art standards, supplies, and step-by-step instructions on implementing the assignment)
  • Claude Monet art presentation (for adapted and younger grades)
  • Artist information sheet and two quick art activities
  • Claude Monet art presentation (for middle and high school students)
  • Monet art history travel journal packet
  • Art history analysis explanation sheet
  • Project checklist

This art history lesson can be completed in class or for the students to review at home. Step-by-step instructions are included that can be followed by the teacher or a student in an independent learning situation.

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