Abstract Watercolor Project: Intro to Watercolor


This abstract watercolor project is designed for upper elementary art and middle school art students but can be used in intro level high school art classes. Teach watercolor techniques and introduce abstract art in one project.


This abstract watercolor introduction project is ideal for upper elementary art, middle school art, or early high school art students to learn a range of watercolor painting techniques and apply them to a watercolor project. Perfect to introduce watercolor, watercolor techniques, and the concept of abstract art.

This abstract watercolor project pack includes:

  • Lesson plan (with big idea, goals, supplies, vocabulary, US national standards, daily instructions, and more, 7 pages)
  • Teacher notes on implementing the activity in different ways and adapting to a range of grade levels (2 pages)
  • Watercolor how-to guide and how-to printable poster (2 pages)
  • Printable watercolor techniques template
  • 10-minute demo video on learning 12 watercolor techniques
  • Project guide with step-by-step instructions (2 pages)
  • 3 PowerPoint presentations to start class each day (51 slides)
  • 11-minute demo video showing the project steps
  • Art sub plans handout with supplies, instructions, and a checklist for students to follow
  • Checklist (for elementary art students)
  • Rubric (for middle school art and high school art students)
  • Fast finisher abstract art activity (3 pages)
  • Color and colour spellings
The abstract watercolor project covers twelve different ways to use watercolor and is designed for upper elementary art, middle school art, or early high school art students to learn about watercolors. Abstract art is the focus of this project with an introduction to both watercolors and abstract art.
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