Maker’s of America: Artists and Crafters Feature

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I am so excited to share a recent feature of mine in T.G.I. Friday’s new campaign is local and handmade focusing on makers of America.

In an effort to rebrand their company, T.G.I. Friday’s has been busy meeting artists, crafters, musicians, and all people artsy across the US. To keep with the theme they recruited photographers from Instagram to document these “makers of America.”

Through the Atlanta-based, all-things handmade shop, Crafted Westside, I was brought to the attention of the tour and photographer, Daniel Davis. I meet with him one morning at Crafted and enjoyed talking about his last 3-month adventure traveling down the East Coast, meeting a variety of crafters. He took amazing photographs of my work and included a wonderful write-up on the TGIF, “Summer of Fridays,” blog.

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Thank you to Daniel Davis and TGIF for giving me this amazing opportunity! The stories and photographs are art in themselves. Thanks for checking out my blog. Help me spread the word about it by sharing it with others! I couldn’t do it without you. Check out more blog posts here. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and TikTok for weekly visual journal demos. Until next time!


2 responses to “Maker’s of America: Artists and Crafters Feature”

  1. Hanna @ Soulful Ceramics says:

    The tea cup sets look gorgeous. I’m glad that your work has been featured.

    They say that arts and crafts is no longer popular, but this proves them so wrong. I myself try to promote handmade art pieces and artists.

    I’ll totally share this with others.

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