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A Felted Christmas: DIY Christmas Garland

There is nothing I love more than a holiday craft project, and every year I look for a new craft project to add to my Christmas decor collection. After pulling out my hand me down fake greenery garland from the mid 1990’s, I decided it was time for an upgrade. A do it yourself Christmas garland was bumped to the top of my craft to do list.


I love the look of crafty and homemade (while still looking well made) decoration. For me, felt embodies that look. For both my greenery garland and ball garland, I selected felt as the base material.


  • Two different shades of green felt
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine (optional, although recommended)


STEP ONE: Cut strips of the felt into 1/2″ wide sections. The length doesn’t matter, although you want it as long as possible to save time connecting pieces together. The strips of fabric will serve as the base to connect the felt leaves to, to create the garland.

Select one color felt to use as the base, or alternate between the two colors.

STEP TWO: Connect the ends of your 1/2″ strips together to create one long piece. Use a sewing machine or hand sew the pieces together. The length of the garland is up to you. I created one long piece, approximately 5 feet long, and two shorter pieces, approximately 2 feet long.

STEP THREE: Cut the rest of the fabric into leaf shapes, ovals with pointed ends. For my garland, I wanted larger leaves so I cut them approximately 2 inches wide, at the wides point, and 3-4 inches long.

STEP FOUR: Sew the leaves onto the strip of felt. For a cleaner look, keep the leaves pointing the same direction, but alternate which side of the felt strip you connect the leaves to.

STEP FIVE: Hang your garland on your fireplace, around your bannister or place it on a shelf for an easy, festive look.



  • 1″ red felt balls (you can easily change the size depending on the look you are going for)
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread


STEP ONE: Thread your needle, knot the end of the string, and string the red balls together.

STEP TWO: Hang your garland! I opted to spread the red balls out along the thread in order to make it stretch further. If you want a solid string, plan ahead and order enough felt balls to do that.

tip: To avoid a tangled garland use thicker thread, hemp, or similar to string the felt balls. Plan ahead and have a larger eye needle on hand. 

Combine the two Christmas garlands together to create a red, green, and festive look.

tip: for storage, wrap the red ball Christmas garland around a wrapping paper tube. Tape the ends down to keep it in place. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my two DIY Christmas garland projects. I look forward to using these year after year and adding to them with future holiday crafts. Help me spread the Christmas cheer by sharing on your social media of choice. Thanks for stopping by.

Crafty Projects: DIY No Glue Wreath, Southern Cotton

No-Glue-Wreath   My summer vacation was well underway, and I was feeling antsy. It had been a long time since I had done a craft project, I was about to host a bridal shower, and my door was in need of a new wreath. It was a no brainer, and once I had a free afternoon I was on my way to my local arts and crafts store. It was time to create a summer no glue wreath for my front door. I am always on the look out for good sales, and this week I was in luck. All floral and wreath supplies were 50% off. This meant my wreath cost only $15.00 to make, didn’t use a single stick of hot glue, and took only about 30 minutes to put together.


  • Branch wreath base
  • Dried mini daisies
  • Cotton branch
  • Green ribbon

I knew I wanted more of a monotone color scheme and I wanted to incorporate a branch of cotton, reminiscent of my southern locale. I am also very partial to dried out flowers rather than plastic, fake flowers. I think the end result is much more elegant. Any of the flowers can be switched out to match your taste and color scheme.



Take your base flower, in my case the dried out baby’s breath, and carefully separate individual branches from the bunch. Starting on the edge of the wreath stick the flower stems through the intertwined branches of the wreath base, and continue working your way around the edge of the wreath. Be sure to keep the flowers pointing in the same direction as you stick them into the wreath. If any stems stick through the wreath, wrap the bottom back into the wreath base.

No Glue Wreath Step One

STEP TWO: After the outer edge is covered in flowers, start on the ring on the front of the wreath. This time as you stick the flowers into the wreath have the flowers point in the opposite direction as the first ring. This will give the wreath a messy yet refined look. If your wreath is well enough covered after two layers of baby’s breath, stop here. If the wreath still looks plain, add more layers of the baby’s breath making sure to switch direction of the flowers with each new ring.



After you use all of the dried baby’s breath begin incorporating the dried mini daisies. Carefully stick the stem of the daisies into the wreath, wrapping the bottom of the stem back into the wreath if it sticks out. You can sporadically place the daisies all over the wreath, don’t worry what direction they point as long as they are spread throughout the wreath.


Stick the stem of the cotton into the wreath. Consider placement, do you want it to one side, in the dead center, bunched together, or spread out? I opted to slightly spread the cotton out, and keep it only on the right side of the wreath.



Fill in more daisies around the cotton. It creates a focal point to have the flowers bunch together in one section and spread out as it continues around the wreath. Because the stems are so long the easiest way to incorporate multiple daisies is by trimming the stems. Grab a bunch of daisies in your fingers, trim the stems, and while keeping it in one bunch, stick the stems into the wreath. Make sure the cotton still sticks above the daisies once you are finished.



If you want to incorporate a pop of color tie a ribbon around the top, and allow the excess to hang behind the wreath. By adding ribbon you can also loop the top and create an easy way to hang your wreath.



Hang your wreath and enjoy your hard work and thriftiness!


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