Mixed Media Art: Encaustic Letter Paintings

mixed mdia encaustic letters- Dream

Mixed Media Encaustic Letter Painting

Recently I have churned out a lot of new artwork, partially to prepare for the Artist Market and partially because I am so excited about the new style I have begun to delve into. In addition to my 6×6 “snapshot” series I have also begun creating 6″x6″ letter paintings. I love the ability to select different colors, patterns, and piece together letters to create words. I also love the fact that I can list them for only $15, which makes them affordable for people who want original art, but can’t shell out a few hundred dollars.

As a newer Etsy seller I am trying to set myself weekly goals, and I decided this week I wanted to focus on promoting my letter paintings! Stop by my shop to see the other letters and colors I have available (click here). I am also happy to create custom letters, you pick the letter, symbol, number, and color!

Based on the enthusiasm and success from my last letter painting giveaway, I plan on doing another in the future. You just might have the chance to win your own custom letter, free of charge, keep your eyes peeled for a post about it! Thanks for being supportive of my blog, shop, and artsy endeavors, I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

Mixed Media Encaustic Letters

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