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It’s already that time of year again! I can’t believe I am about to head back to school for my 11th year (11th!!). I also can’t believe I haven’t posted to my blog since May when school was wrapping up. But, that is very typical of my summer vacation. I plug into creating TPT products, designing my latest art curriculum, and playing with my kids, and unplugging from blogging and just about everything else.

This summer was full of adventures. I went to Hilton Head Island for two weeks and spent 12 days in Seoul and Japan. I can’t wait to share more about my trip abroad, which will be coming in a separate blog post soon.


One of my major accomplishments of the summer was completing my yearlong yearbook bundle. I already have a yearbook bundle on TPT, but it’s more of a planning and overview for the year. This bundle covers day-to-day activities and gives you lessons for every single day of the year. Whether you are a new yearbook teacher or returning, I think you will find really helpful resources and new ideas in this pack. This includes 16 individual packs of information on story writing, selling ads, preparing and submitting deadlines, designing your book, and so much more. In addition, there is a 24-page timeline that outlines every single day of the year and a printable poster pack to decorate your room.


I also completely overhauled my AP Art and Design curriculum bundle pack to align it with the new curriculum. It now has everything you need for sustained investigation, selected works, an updated syllabus, summer work, and more. I have formatted it two ways, the first bundle includes advanced-level art assignments for the students to select to help them start their year under your supervision with guided assignments before moving into their selected works and sustained investigation. The other AP Art bundle focuses on starting their sustained investigation with summer work and jumping right in, in the fall. Don’t stress about all the changes coming your way in AP Art, use this resource to simplify your life!


Another big accomplishment of mine is completing my Painting II curriculum. Last year I completely overhauled my painting class with all new projects. At the end of the year I was very satisfied with the level of projects my students produced and the variety of subject matter we explored. We looked at a lot of current artists and created prints, landscape paintings, portraits, and abstract art. You can purchase the lessons individually or save money by getting the entire curriculum.


The completion of my Painting II curriculum sent me down a rabbit hole of breaking apart and re-bundling some of my other curriculums. A buyer commented that they wished they could purchase a drawing only or painting only semester of my yearlong Intro to Art curriculum. I realized what a good point they had. Many people may only focus on one art subject at a time and may not need an entire year of mixed lessons. I then decided to create an Intro to Art Drawing curriculum, Intro to Art Painting curriculum, Advanced Drawing curriculum, and Advanced Painting curriculum. These are all semester long and are simply broken down from my already existing yearlong curriculums (so if you already have those, these are the same projects). After breaking them down I realized I had an opportunity to save buyers more money by creating a drawing curriculum bundle and painting curriculum bundle. I will be working on my Drawing II curriculum this year before finishing my drawing mega-bundle, but you can purchase my painting mega-bundle now! This pack includes my Intro to Art painting, Painting I, Painting II, and Advanced Painting curriculums.


My most recent product is also the beginning of my next big project. I am once again working with my amazing and talented coworker, Meagan Brooker, on a photography product. We just started on a Photo II curriculum and the first lesson is ready to go, altered portraits. This pack includes a lesson plan, handouts, artist research sheet, critique sheets, and a printable poster. If you are looking for photography products or a DSLR curriculum, check out the Photo I curriculum we completed last fall.


Just a friendly reminder that last spring I shared a list of 92 printable sketchbook prompts. Print them out, cut them up, and keep them in a jar for early finishers, a quick sub plan, or to help spark ideas when your students are at a creative roadblock.


Avoid your students constantly asking you the location of supplies with these printable supply labels. I have mine printed, laminated, and glued to all my cabinets and drawers. The combination of text and pictures help students identify supply locations before asking me. I designed two sets to make sure I have both farmhouse and rainbow classroom styles covered. Check out the watercolor blob labels here and chalkboard labels here.

I also want to share that I just added a shop to my blog! You can now shop many of the resources I have available on my TPT here on my blog. I will also be throwing a back-to-school sale in the near future, so if you miss the TPT sale be sure to check here to get all your art education needs filled before you start the year.

I hope your summer was amazing! I can’t wait to share more about my adventures. Check out more visual journal blog posts here. Shop my education resources here. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and TikTok for weekly visual journal demos. Until next time!

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