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7 Must-Have Visual Journal Supplies

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This week I want to focus on 6 of my favorite art room organization hacks for your art classroom or art studio. Over the many years I was in my .
Check out my top 7 visual journal supplies in addition to the basics I keep on hand. Get visual journaling tips, tutorials, and more!
I’ve got merch, ya’ll! I am so excited to officially roll out my teacher t-shirts and accessories, check them out here. We all love .
What is a visual journal? A visual journal is a mixed media project that uses a hardback book as a base. These are sometimes referred to as alte.

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“This was the BEST most comprehensive, useful, and effective, interactive, and multifaceted bundle I have ever purchased, for both photography and overall on TPT. Bravo to the creator of this work – it’s just perfect!”

-Alessandra, buyer, Introduction to Photography Curriculum

“Love everything from Look Between the Lines! My students love the activities as a stand-alone and as a choice application for a larger project”

-Rosemarie, buyer, Zendoodle Worksheet Bundle