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Visual Journal Page 13: Tape

Visual Journal Page 13-Tape

Our first home is what you would call “move in ready.” The previous owners renovated, updated, and painted every room using nice shades of neutral.

While house shopping it was nice to walk into a space I could visualize myself in. There was no off putting color, family pictures, or personal mementos to distract me from seeing it as my future home. This made me fall in love with the house from the get go and made move in extremely easy.

Neutral goes with everything. While some rooms weren’t perfectly painted to match my decor, there was no immediate need for a fresh coat of paint. This allowed my focus to be on organizing and finding new spaces for my much beloved furniture and artwork. However, after a few months, the neutral tones began to get to me.

It started with the kitchen. I decided I wanted a nice bold color, and tried out many shades of green until Nick found the perfect color with the perfect name, “recycled glass.” Read about that process via visual journal inspiration here. Next, I moved to the dining room, which turned from a lovely light gray to a very bright turquoise. After the dining room I moved to the “office” space and converted the gray-blue to a light green. I then tackled our bedroom.

I tend to be attracted to bright, bold, and graphic sprinkled with a layer of old, antique, and peely in interior design. Sometimes this combination works in my favor and other times it is a disaster. Because of my past experiences, I was worried about my latest venture. I wanted to paint five wide, horizontal stripes in my bedroom. Not only was the design bold, but I wanted to use a dark gray and a light gray, a strong contrast, in a small space with very odd angles. Our bedroom is essentially the attic, which means the roof line invades both our master bedroom and bathroom spaces. It was either going to look beautiful and impressive or like a fun house.

I spent an entire weekend measuring, marking, taping, painting, watching paint dry, re-taping, painting, and finally the big reveal.

I was instantly in love. The stripes highlighted the interesting architecture in our room without making me feel like I was at a carnival. It was a bold design, but the soft neutrals complimented it well. It felt like a spa, a place to relax, and I loved it.

What was most astonishing about the entire process was the amount of blue painters tape it required to create the stripes. I was left with a ball of blue tape that could barely fit into my kitchen trashcan. As I packed up my painting supplies and disposed of the mess, that giant ball of blue tape almost felt like a trophy, a representation of my hard work that weekend.


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Wall paint


To create this visual journal page I decided to recreate the stripe pattern in my visual journal using the actual wall paint I used. I once again took the time to measure and mark out stripes, and filled them in with shades of gray. After completing the background I began brainstorming ways I could convey the time and energy it took to paint those stripes, and my mind kept drifting back to the giant ball of painters tape. I decided I needed to recreate it using colored pencil.

I first used pencil to sketch out the tape shape, a single stripe running across the top to create a space to write, and a large ball of tape. I made sure to twist and intertwine my lines to make it look more three dimensional. I used various shades of blue to create a sense of depth in the tape. I started with darker shades, filling in color where the tape lines overlap. I slowly build up lighter and lighter blues, and finally added white to areas that needed bright highlights.

I cut out my tape drawing and used rubber cement to glue it to the page. I used sharpie to write “tape” to finish the look.


Create a visual journal project about your most recent DIY project.

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Visual Journal Page 64: Finding Green

Visual-Journal-Page-64-Finding-Green I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, after all I am an artist, but I am terrible at picking wall colors.

I love going to the paint aisle of hardware stores. It’s all metal, wood, industrial, until you hit the paint section. Suddenly bright colors, nice aesthetics, a more feminine side of a typically masculine place appear. I always have a very specific color in mind when shopping for my home projects.

For the kitchen I wanted green, but not just any green, a nice bright, bold green. I walked over to the green paint samples, and one immediately caught my eye. It was bright,  bold, a beautiful grass green. I tried looking for other colors, various shades, anything else that struck me like this green. But, I was too distracted by my initial gut feeling. This had to be it, this had to be the perfect color.

Another issue I have is my impatience. I want things and I want them now. I want to start a project, and it needs to be done ASAP. When you combine this with an inability to choose wall paint, you end up with a money deficiency and an excess of paint. This day was no different. I decided since I had such a gut feeling about this green, I should go ahead and buy it. That way I could head straight home, get to painting, finish this project, and still have a relaxing Sunday to look forward to.

I headed home, got out my brushes and drop cloth, and got to work. The first brushstroke I felt good. I kept visualizing my bold kitchen. I played entire conversations in my head about guests coming over, complimenting our kitchen, wishing they were as bold as I was because it looked so good. Suddenly my kitchen was gracing the covers of home improvement magazines, Better Homes and GardensGood Housekeeping, Southern Living, they all wanted a piece of my beautiful, grass green kitchen.

By the time my daydreams had worked their way through my brain, the wall around one of my kitchen windows was complete. I stepped back to admire my work, and the flutter of excitement gave way to the “uh oh… I think I made a mistake.” All I could think was lego. It was bold alright, it look plastic, childish, and so very green. I refused to give up on my color, and waited until Nick came home and hoped he would see something different than I did. He was shaking his head before he even made it into the kitchen.

This green was not going to last. I was once again off to the hardware store, with a little less pep in my step, and a little less confidence in my color taste. I went back three more times trying to find my perfect green. Every time a new shade went on the wall my confidence took another hit. I couldn’t get it right. My one day project suddenly stretched a week. Our neutral and slightly boring kitchen had transformed into a disaster. Four different shades of green splattered the walls, not one of them looked good.

When I look at a paint tester I see a small section of color. I fall in love with the bright shades. What I can’t get past is visualizing that small 1″x1″ square as an entire room. Once you have a wall painted the color transforms. Bright and beautiful turns overwhelming.

Finally, Nick had to step in. Together we went to the paint store. He walked right up to the greens I had visits so many times and grabbed a color. “Recycled Glass”, a lovely, light shade of green. I wasn’t convinced, but after four attempts of my own, it was Nick’s turn to give it a go. We bought our gallon, went home, and I once again started to paint.

I hated to admit it, but it was perfect. The light shade on a large scale was bright, bold, but not too bold. It was the green I was searching for. I still have not regained confidence in my wall color selecting ability. Another disaster trying to paint my front door blue certainly didn’t help. For the foreseeable future Nick will have to be by my side, giving his two cents when it comes to paint colors.


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils
  • Wall paint
  • Sharpie


To create this visual journal page I decided to recreate my kitchen in my book. I knew I wanted to use the actual failed wall paints, so I opted to tear two pages from my book, paint them, then glue them back in. This prevents wet materials, like paint, from seeping through multiple pages.

After ripping out my two pages I draw out the corner of my kitchen using pencil. I wanted the outdoor area to stand out through the window, so I decided to color it in using colored pencils. For the interior space I used watered down white paint for the molding and lightly colored with colored pencils for the floor. I then opened up my many cans of wall paint and added a touch of each green to my drawn walls.

Once they dried I added words with sharpie and glued them back into my book using rubber cement.

I am terrible at choosing wall colors… and I am self conscious about it… because I’m an artist… and I should be good at it.


Create a visual journal page about something you wish you were good at.

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Review and Giveaway: DIY Pattern Paint Roller Room Makeover (closed)

Pattern Paint Roller Before and After

Since I created this post the Etsy shop I purchased the pattern roller has closed. There are many similar products still out there, go check them out! I love my patterned rollers!

One afternoon while enjoying my daily Etsy peruse I discovered something I couldn’t live without, a patterned paint roller. You use it just like any other paint roller, but rather than simply coating the wall, it creates a pattern similar to wallpaper.

I immediately favorited it and continued my peruse, but just a few days later I placed my order. I decided I had to have it. I purchased my paint roller from the etsy shop, Not Wallpaper, and eagerly awaited it’s arrival. After a very long six weeks of processing and shipping it finally arrived on my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Pattern Paint Roller Supplies

Before it arrived I had already decided to use it in my guest bedroom. I didn’t mind the beige/pink color, but it didn’t 100% fit with the grayish blue of the bedspread and wall decor. To better tie the room together I choose two shades of gray. I decided to paint three walls with a lighter gray, one wall with a darker gray, and go back on top of the dark wall with the light color using the paint roller.

Tip: when selecting two colors to use in the same room stay within the same color family. I always select my two colors from the same paint strip.

I started the process by repainting the room with my new paint. I painted the wall with the bed on it with the darker gray and the other three walls with the lighter gray. While waiting for it to dry I pulled out my pattern paint roller and began reading the instructions.

It seemed simple enough and had good tips for painting the pattern randomly or in a set pattern, similar to wallpaper. I decided to go the faux wallpaper route and marked two sides of the roller with a + and -. You alternate between the + and – sides at the top of every stripe down the wall in order to get an even, alternating pattern.

Next, I followed the instructions to tape up the sides, top, and bottom of the wall and any outlets. In order to get a continuous roll you need to be able to roll on top of any obstacles (ie outlets). Once everything was set  I rolled the flat roller in the light gray paint, attached the pattern roller, and got to work.

Pattern Paint Roller Set Up

I couldn’t wait to pull the tape off after I finished rolling on the pattern to see it all come together and I loved the results!  In some areas I accidentally slid the roller causing the pattern to elongate and at the end I realized the pattern would overlap because I ran out of space. While not every section is perfect, as a whole it looks amazing. My best advice is to go with the flow and don’t stress if a section goes a little crooked. In the end the pattern really comes together and small mistakes aren’t noticeable.

Pattern Paint Roller Details

I loved the end result so much I decided to do the pattern on the wall across from my front door. I used a slightly lighter color with a satin finish. By using satin on top of matte it creates a very light affect, you can really only see the pattern when the light catches it. I love it!

Pattern Paint Roller

If you love the way this looks and want to get your own pattern paint roller visit Not Wallpaper’s Etsy shop here or enter my giveaway! Michelle, owner of Not Wallpaper, has graciously agreed to giveaway one pattern roller set, the winner gets to choose the pattern, to one of my lucky readers! All you have to do to enter is favorite Not Wallpaper’s Etsy shop here, and comment on this post with the name you favorited the shop under.

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