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Visual Journal Page 51: AP Due Dates

I think it’s hilarious when I hear students say they are taking AP Art because they think it will be an easy AP. As I smile and nod I think to myself, “Soon enough you will realize this is going to be one of the hardest classes you will ever take”… The thing about AP…

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Visual Journal Page 48: The Real Caesar’s Palace

There is nothing in this world like Vegas hotels. I had no idea that part of the fun of Sin City is spending daytime hours touring the hotels. Each hotel has its own theme, outrageous decor, over the top architecture, and interesting design. In four short days I think we saw it all, I felt…

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Visual Journal Page 39: My Snuggle Bug

I love my little 1940’s cottage settled in the outskirts of the city. I love the details, the layers of paint, the historic feel, and most of all I love standing in my kitchen, and gazing out to my giant backyard. As Nick and I went on our house hunting adventure we looked at houses of…

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Visual Journal Page 16: Fall

Fall is hands down my favorite season. I love the changing colors, the reds and yellow contrasting against the bright blue sky. The way the cool wind begins to seep into your skin and send a shiver down your spine. I love the transition from the long, sticky, sweaty, humid, thick air days to the…

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Visual Journal Page 5: It is One of My Favorites… Thanks

25… a quarter of a century… mid twenties… I was getting old. Although twenty-five isn’t really old, it did feel a little bit like a milestone in my life. I had reached my mid twenties, I was freshly married, starting my second year in my career, a new homeowner. I felt like a grown up….

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