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A New Journey

A cheesy title… but it is very true for this period of my life. I began journaling when I started teaching. My former Co-worker did them every Friday with her art classes, and as the new teacher I felt I needed to do the same thing, and I am so glad I did. Since this was the very first page in my very first journal I really wanted to create a page about change. When I was flipping through some National Geographics (my FAVORITE magazine to find amazing images in) I found these interesting images of sting rays. I decided I wanted them to look like they were transforming from stingrays to leaves on the next page:

I really liked the way my first page turned out (I love ripped paper and piecing it back together, it creates an interesting texture… That technique is slightly overused in my journals…). However, I have never been satisfied with this one. Often I like the concept a lot… but not so much the end result. As I have become more experienced with journaling I deal with that issue less and less… but it is slightly painful to look back at my early pages. To try to bring it together I tried tracing the shapes with colored pencil… eventually I just moved on…

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! Generally I will be focusing on my visual journals. However, since I am behind on photographing them I thought I would start with my traditional work, large mixed media paintings. I like to create images of girls in traditional, fancy dresses set in places where they don’t look like they belong. They were recently on display at San Fransisco Coffee off of Dekalb Ave. I hope to have them on display somewhere else soon!