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Visual Journal Page 7: What I Need to Teach

For the first two years of my art education career I struggled to get the supplies I needed to teach my classes. For two years I begged, traded, sought out donations and grants, I even sold baked goods at lunch to raise money for my art program. Each year I found a way to scrape…

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Visual Journal Page 4: To My Husband

As I worked through my three books, traditions began falling into place. First, came the quote at the start of the book. A way to set the tone for the pages to come. Next, came the dedication to my book. The final page, a space for me to acknowledge the sacrifice and inevitable change in meaning…

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Visual Journal Page 11: You Are My Everything

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how thankful I am to be with a husband as loving and caring as mine. Growing up my Mom always told me I needed to marry a guy who worshiped the ground I walked on, and treated me like a princess.  Perhaps having that expectation…

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Visual Journal Page 50: Two Peas in a Pod

I have been lucky to have some pretty amazing roommates. A lot of people warn you not to room with a close friend when you go off to school, but I took a risk and roomed with my best friend from high school, and we happily lived together for five years. Throughout college we had…

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