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Five Years of Quirky Christmas Cards

For the past five years I have been making my own Christmas cards to send out to family and friends. I enjoy putting my own spin on the traditional and I didn’t want to fall into the cookie cutter family photo and generic message that I found time and time again while perusing templates online….

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Christmas Craft: Baby’s First Ornament

November 12th, 2015 my sweet baby boy was born. Between the visitors, nurses, doctors, and mentally processing my new baby and title as mom, I barely remember our hospital stay. I do remember the excitement of packing up our things, trying to figure out how to put Cooper in his carseat the first time, and…

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Craft Project: Christmas Ornament Wreath

The DIY Christmas ornament wreath is a project I have seen circulating crafting websites for many years. While this isn’t a new or innovative craft I loved the look, wanted to make my own, and share my experience with you. This wreath was made in preparation for Christmas 2014, and this year I rounded out…

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Visual Journal Page 21: Holiday Get Togethers

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I love the anticipation of Christmas Eve, a restless sleep, followed by the excitement when you realize it’s finally morning. As the years have gone by I still get the Christmas day butterflies, but the focus has begun to shift. Rather than looking forward to opening all of…

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Guest Post: Holiday Gift Ideas from Vista Print!

Heartfelt Grandparent Gifts for the Holiday Season Ask any grandparent what the favorite gifts they’ve ever received are and they’ll probably start telling you about things they’ve gotten from their grandchildren. Grandparents really cherish items given to them by their grandkids. It’s funny – even people who were ruthless about throwing out their kids’ hand-made…

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