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Crafty Project: Decorative Tissue Paper Puffs

A good friend of mine recently showed me how to make these decorative tissue paper puffs. They are a quick, easy, cheap way to decorate for a party, shower, or kids bedroom! We made them for a bridal shower, and I loved them so much I made them for a baby shower. It cost about $7.00 in supplies to make 20 of them!

To get started you need to pick up a few packs of tissue paper. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents each. For the baby shower I bought off white, brown, green, and blue. You will also need scissors, string, and if you want to make a bouquet, wire. I bought a pack of green wire from the flower arrangement section of Hobby Lobby.

For a large puff take 6-7 sheets of tissue paper and stack them on top of each other. For a small puff cut 3-6 inches off the edge of the stack of sheets, and stack 4-5 sheets of tissue paper. If you want multicolored or striped puffs alternate different colors when you stack the tissue paper. Once your tissue paper is neatly stack, started folding it back and forth, like a fan, folding approximately 1 1/2-2 inch sections.

After you fold the entire stack of tissue paper together, tie a string around the middle. If you plan on hanging your puff, allow extra length of string to hang it. To create the petal look round both ends of the folded tissue paper by cutting it with scissors.

After you tie the string around the tissue paper and round the edges, it’s time to separate the layers of tissue paper. Carefully pull each layer of tissue paper apart and spread them out until is creates a round puff. Tissue paper rips easily so be gentle!

Using the extra length of string hang the puffs to decorate! You can tie them around tree branches, tape them to tables, or use poster putty (think back to the gray sticky stuff they use to hang posters up in elementary schools.) to tack it to the ceiling.

Another great way to use the puffs is to wrap wire around the center of the folded tissue paper, rather than string, and create a bouquet. It create a very interesting and crafty centerpiece!


I Can’t Wait

I am a southern girl, and although I don’t throw around ya’lls and eat collard greens, I do love magnolias. I am very excited that I have a giant magnolia tree outside of my current house, it make me happy to see the big white blossoms whenever I pull into my driveway. Growing up I always dreamed of having three large magnolia blossoms, with the long branch stems, as my bridal bouquet, and one day when I was flipping through magazines I ran across this image.

I loved this image because it was a magnolia, and a very unique variation at that. I was hesitant to add it to my journal, because at that time I was not engaged. Nick and I had been dating for a little over five years, we knew we wanted to be together and get married, so at that point I was just waiting for the proposal. Despite all that I was still hesitant to put it in, because I felt like having this in my journal showed my impatience, showed that I was one of those ultimatum girls who couldn’t wait long enough to let their boyfriends decide when and where. But, as you can see, in the end it did in fact make it in.

I decided after hanging onto this image for awhile that this book is meant to be my journal. Having this as my journal means that I put what I am feeling and experiencing, good and bad. Although I was slightly embarrassed about this page, it represents the way I was feeling, my girl moment, my excitement for what was coming next. I was brave, I did add this to my journal… but until I got engaged I told everyone that it meant I couldn’t wait to have a flower garden… so I guess I was only a little brave…

I really wanted to put the focus on the magnolia flower, and decided to do that all I would do is add a little bit of color around it. I really wanted to have blue in my wedding, so I decided to rip up blue construction paper, and glue it down around the flower. To make the words more interesting, and stand out, I layered ripped up paper and two different shades of blue construction paper. After I layered the paper I used sharpie to add the words.