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Visual Journal Page 39: My Snuggle Bug

I love my little 1940’s cottage settled in the outskirts of the city. I love the details, the layers of paint, the historic feel, and most of all I love standing in my kitchen, and gazing out to my giant backyard. As Nick and I went on our house hunting adventure we looked at houses of…

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Visual Journal Page 33: My Sweet Tooth

It is no secret I have a sweet tooth, and apparently this wasn’t missed by my students either. I love anything 100% pure sugar, flavored, and dyed. I like skittles, starburst, the kind of candy that guarantees cavities and to pull out your old fillings. My sweet tooth is a thing I struggle with as…

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Visual Journal Page 9: That was Going to be My Kitchen Table

It all started with a grill out. It was Fall, the weather was amazing, we were finally settled into our house, and the decorating was coming along, which meant it was time to host our first house party. Nick and I sat down and decided to have a rib cook off, the first annual rib…

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