Stained Glass Lesson and Tar Paper Painting Art Project



Teach your upper elementary, middle school art, or high school art students about art history and art making in one project. This stained glass lesson and assignment focuses on the stained glass windows in Sagrada Familia and Antoni Gaudi as inspiration for a stained-glass design. The stained-glass window design is painted on tar paper using acrylic paint, a very cheap supply found at any hardware store.

This visual arts project includes 2 activities, a sketchbook and color testing. It focuses on line, shape, and color theory. It serves as the best way to wrap up a unit on shape or color.

This stained glass lesson includes:

  • Lesson plan (each lesson plan includes a big idea, essential questions, objectives, art standards, supply list, and a step-by-step breakdown on how to present this assignment.)
  • 3 presentations (PowerPoint presentation and PDF)
  • Drawing brainstorm activity with sketches
  • Color brainstorm activity
  • Tar paper painting project guide
  • Demo video
  • Critique reflection
  • Red light/green light critique activity
  • Rubric

This stained-glass art project provides you with an easy way to get students to produce a work of art that they love! It is also a great way to get students to practice essential techniques.

Check out a preview of this stain glass and tar paper painting project here: Tar Paper Painting Preview Pack

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