Your Present Plans Will Be Successful

Anyone who has gone through grad school can probably relate to this page. This is supposed to represent the year I spent getting my Master’s of Art Education. The page was originally inspired by a fortune I got in a fortune cookie that said, “Your present plans will be successful”. At the time I got that fortune a lot of things were happening, including me researching and writing my thesis. Because a thesis is basically a very large research paper, you have to find a number of sources to support every SINGLE thing that you say and claim you make. I felt like my room was beginning to resemble a library and my computer was filled with journal and newspaper articles. I really wanted this page to capture how I felt, and I was very proud of it when I was done. My life was being swallowed by research and books, the same goes for this page. 120 something pages later I finally finished and got my degree! It was the best feeling in the world to know that I was 100% done with school… unless I decide to pursue my MFA…

I cut out as many images of books as I could find in magazines and glued them down… it was as easy as that! I also ripped up images of hardwood for the floor, then found lamps, a desk, chair, and the computer I wish I had to complete the scene.

At this time not only was I pursuing my Masters, I was also working on getting my first real live, grown up job. I had been doing research for my thesis at Eastside High School twice a week during my Spring semester, in 2009, and it just so happened that one of the art teachers decided she wanted to quit to go back to school for her Masters.. It worked out perfectly for me to fill her space since I already had experience in the school, the Principal basically skipped the interview process and told me if I wanted a job he would give one to me! Since I felt the fortune I got also applied to this transition in my life I decided to have the fortune tie into this page as well. This was an experiment that worked out really well!

To create the base I ripped up pages from the Newton County job fair (which is the county I work in) and layered them. I then ripped up all of the visitors passes I wore when I was doing my research at the school to bring focus to the fortune. To create the hand I sketched it out, then filled it in with gesso. Gesso creates a really nice base to draw on because it is such a smooth surface. After the gesso dried I used a normal pencil to add details and shade. I used an Xacto knife to cut out the hole to allow you to see the fortune through the three pages.  I put packaging tape where the computer screen is meant to me to create more of a screen look. Between the work page and future page I left the hole open.

My present plans at the time were to finish school and get a job. Both worked out for me in the end. To wrap up this “series” of pages I wanted to have a page the represented my future. Since I really had no idea what was coming next I decided to fill the pages with black sharpie lines to represent the unknown. The mascot for my school is an eagle, which I decided to add to the very first page so you can see through the hole on the left page. This was an important addition because work is the future of most adults… and it was a possibility that this job was going to be a part of my future. It also tied into the first page because my Master’s degree was another step towards my career. This series is very personal to me, and I think that is is more successful because of that.

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