Visual Journal Page 31: Suits

As I have said before, being a first year teacher is difficult. After my first semester I really thought about other job options, I even started applying for art education jobs at museums rather than at schools. No part of me wanted to go back to work after Christmas break. I remember laying in bed the night before the second semester started, dreading it.

I was very lucky that at my school we were on block schedules. That meant that I got a whole new batch of students second semester. That allowed me to have a fresh start, and by the end of my first year I felt like I had two years of experience under my belt. Needless to say, my second semester went a lot better than my first. I’m not sure if I handled classroom management and discipline better, or if I just had a better batch of students, but I actually started to enjoy my job.

I am now in my third year, and see no end in sight to my teaching career yet. I enjoy the fact that I can be a little more relaxed at work, especially since my administrators tend to leave me alone in my “art cave”, as I lovingly call it. I feel like my own boss. I enjoy that I get to interact with people all day, I’m not stuck in a cubicle. And best of all, I get to do what I love most, teach and make art. I get to be in a studio all day. Shortly after my second semester started I decided that a job that requires a suit is not a job for me, and teaching seemed to fit that well.

This was a simple page to make. All I did was cut out the image of the girl, rip up a gray that matched the suit for the ground, and glued it all together. I decided to position it to leave her head off so it could better represent me, not some random model. To add a little more to it I added the sharpie dots in the background. I wrote the words in sharpie, then highlighted them using blue colored pencil to help it stand out.

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2 thoughts on “Visual Journal Page 31: Suits

  1. I’m glad you’ve made it to the 3 year turning point when it begins to get easier! The great thing about teaching art is that you can make it rewarding and exciting by exploring new media, providing new challenges and growth for you and your students. If something doesn’t work change it! You get to choose your path and alter it whenever and however you want. How many jobs allow you that kind of creative freedom? The most important thing is to find joy in your work!

    1. I’m glad I made it too. It really is a great job, and I am so thankful I teach art. Poor Christy having to deal with over involved parents, tons of paperwork, tons of grading, and CRCTs.

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