Visual Journal Page Three: Rupert’s Second Check Up

Rupert, my baby, second only to my puppy babies. I love my car, and if you follow my blog you have probably realized that by now. I often wonder what type of car I would have if I won the lottery… money doesn’t make a difference, I would still have my little Mini Cooper.

Because I love my Rupert so much I decided to make a page for him when he had his first post-purchase check up. As another year rolled by and another check up approached, I decided I needed to once again save my reservation card and make a page for him. Sometimes the best inspiration for pages come from the most mundane daily activities.


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Watercolor
  • White paper
  • Magazine images
  • Thin sharpie
  • Reservation card


From what I understand from my little car he loves to drive around outside. Nothing makes a car more sad than to be stuck inside a garage all day. Because I feel this way I knew I wanted to place him in an outdoor setting. I ripped green from a magazine and layered it with book pages and dyed paper to create the ground. I splattered watercolor drops and cut them out to create the sky. I kept the layout very loose, and played around with scattering the color cut outs around the page. I like the way the page turned out because it doesn’t feel tight and over thought.

Once I had the background complete I cut out a Mini Cooper from an advertisement and glued it down. Unfortunately, I have yet to run across an image of a Mini in Rupert’s color, oxygen blue. I still keep my eyes peeled, and I still save every Mini ad I find. I also wanted to reference my Rupert page in my last book by drawing a string from the car to the card, as if it was attached to the car. In my last journal I used an actual string to connect the two, which was much more creative.


Create an interesting page about a mundane, everyday thing that you did today.

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