Visual Journal Page 68: Pillow Clothing


One of my favorite sources for interesting and beautiful images are my Anthropologie catalogs. Anthrop0logie is one of my favorite stores, all of their clothing is different, yet stylish. I drool over the unbelievable store front displays as I walk in, setting the tone for the rest of their products.

As I enter an Anthropologie I allow myself, just for a moment, to look around. I pause as I walk through the doors, glance around the store, and identify all of the items I want to take home. After that brief moment, I put my blinders on, and look at nothing else on my way back to the sale section.

As much as I love everything Anthropologie has to offer, their prices keep me from stocking my closet with their items. I am a sale section only shopper, which still limits me to only purchasing an item or two when I go in. Although their prices prevent me from purchasing every article of clothing I fall in love with, it does give me something to look forward to. I look forward to the day I can splurge, and buy a full price item. I look forward to the moment I hit the lottery and can go on a shopping spree.

Their prices also make me cherish every shirt, skirt, and dress I discover buried in the sale section. While other clothing in my closet is donated after a season or two, my Anthropologie pieces stick around year after year. I carefully hand wash, hang dry, and baby my Anthro clothes.

Since flipping through their catalogue, and drooling over every full priced item, is not compatible with my budget, I solely began getting the catalogue for my visual journaling needs. They take their beautiful clothes and pair them with unbelievable photography. Interesting backdrops make their clothing pop. A combination of old and peely, and exotic, yet homey creates a feeling that sucks me into the images, causing spontaneous clothing and vacation daydreams.

As I began flipping though the pages of one of these catalogues I discovered the most beautiful, fluffy dress. It looks like it was made of clouds. It was the perfect blend of comfortable, yet stylish. I wish all of my clothes could be like that, every time I slip into them it feels like I am laying in a pile of pillows.


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Magazine cut outs
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie


This particular Anthropologie catalogue provided a unique opportunity. The cover of the magazine displayed this amazing dress, and a larger, identical photograph was included on the inside. I already loved the dress, but I loved the opportunity this duplicate image provided even more.

I carefully cut out both images of the dress, and the dark background behind it. I decided to cut the background out to create just enough space between it and the dress for me to include words. I glued the dark background with rubber cement first, then the larger image of the dress. Next I glued the smaller image of the dress on the right side visual journal page.

With the dress image mostly on the right side of the visual journal, the left looked a little empty. I decided to use an extra piece of the dress and glue it on the left page to create a more complete look. Last but not least I added the words with sharpie… I wish all of my clothes felt like I was laying in a pile of pillows…


Create a visual journal page about your favorite store.

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