Visual Journal Page 67: Wifely Duties

         I was officially a wife. I had a husband and we lived in a house. We did husband and wife things, like make dinner together, had move nights, went on dates, and gave goodbye kisses before work. Things weren’t too different post wedding.

I was happy things didn’t change. I loved our relationship before we got married, it was why we got married, and I didn’t want it to change. I had been in wedding visual journal mode, and decided I needed to round it off with a good post-wedding page. But, I wasn’t sure what to focus on, and that’s when I decided to pull out my folder.

As I was sifting through my folder, I realized I had a lot of images of women. Some were vintage, models from the 50’s or 60’s modeling shoes and handbags, but most of them were just strange. I had pictures of stuffy, old-fashioned women playing archery, picking out refrigerators, and helping geese cross the street. But, by far my favorite image was this crazy looking woman washing her dog in the sink.

When I laid them all out to take a good look I realized I had picked out images of crazy housewives. I’m not sure what possessed me to rip out each image as I ran across it, but there was a distinct pattern I couldn’t ignore. The question was what was I going to do with them?

After contemplating my mental state and the journaling possibilities, I came to the conclusion that these women represented everything I did not want to become. There is a possibility I will stay at home for a little while when we have kids. There is also a possibility I will teach until I retire. All I know is I won’t turn into one of these crazy housewives.

I will not wear a frilly apron and vacuum all day. I will not waste my spare time window-shopping for handbags and refrigerators. Archery could be fun, but I will not wear skirts to my ankles and crazy hats. There is a chance I will wash a child or small dog in the sink, but I will try hard not to make that face while I do it.

I will not become a crazy housewife, however, there is one thing I will do. I will bake. I will bake fresh chocolate chip cookies, biscuits, and cakes. In the process, I will cover the kitchen, myself, and at least one dog, in flour. Even though I will never be one of those housewives, I promise to always make cookies.


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Magazines
  • Sharpie

How to

 This visual journal page was simple enough. Every image in the collage was pulled from my folder. By this point I had my folder for over a year, and it was full. I had things in there I forgotten about, and things I don’t even remember stowing away. I loved going through the stack, searching for inspiration.

I love this page because I loved discovering something about myself. In the process I didn’t even realize I was collecting all these crazy images. I didn’t realize I had a subconscious obsession with crazy housewives. I’m glad I did, because it created a very entertaining page.

I cut out all of the crazy ladies; in some instances cutting them all the way out, in others I left some of the background. To round it out I decided baked goods were a perfect backdrop for a crazy housewife page. Luckily, I consciously collected images of cookies, because I love making them so much, and assumed I would eventually make a page about them.

I laid all of the images out, and carefully collaged them together. I placed the vintage looking images in the background, because they blended well with the book page. I followed them with the cookies, and the other housewife images. I ended with the largest image, the woman with her dogs. It was the perfect focal point, and pinnacle to my crazy page. I added the words last with a thin point sharpie.


 Create a page about a future you don’t want. It could be a job you don’t want, a place you don’t want to live, or a person you don’t want to see.

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