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After house hunting for months, putting two offers down, just to be disappointed, putting another offer down, inspections, and negotiations, we were FINALLY at closing day! I couldn’t have been more excited, and relieved to finally sign the final documents, the documents that said this was our house. I couldn’t wait.

I was at the end of my first year teaching, and believe or not I made it through the entire year without taking a day off, except for my house closing day. I was excited to fill out my leave of absent document, it was really happening. I went into school on Thursday, which was my Friday, and could hardly maintain my excitement.

A few of my coworkers knew and could sympathize with the house hunting process, and we swapped a few horror stories here and there. They day before the big day, I headed to my box in the morning, as usual, and found a little envelope. Inside was a sweet note from my fellow art teacher, and a blue and black ink pen for all the documents we were going to have to sign. It was the perfect way to round up the process, start my day, and start the document signing process.

My coworkers often did little gestures like that, and it was such a sweet way to let me know that they cared about me, and were always there to support me. Although I didn’t have the largest budget or best class sizes, I did have amazing friends at my job. Often times it’s the people you work with who make the job, not the job itself.

Nick and I got up early, had a good breakfast, and headed to sign off for our house. Again, it was a much longer process than I expected, but when it was done, it was done. We were moving in, in less than a month, and I couldn’t wait! This really felt like the beginning for Nick and me. We were buying our first house, about to get married, we were about to get on with the rest of our lives.

CHALLENGE: Create a page about an important document. It could be your first permit, license, house closing, marriage license, divorce papers, a new job contract, or even a leave of absence for a vacation! If you can spare the document use it (or make a copy of it).

To make this visual journal page I used my actual leave of absence sheet, the actual note my coworker left for me, gesso, and blue and black ink. I first glued down the leave of absence sheet, I used rubber cement, carefully place it and used my old library card to push the paper down into the crease of the book. I then glued the card envelope down, and layered the actual card on top. I used a pencil and drew out two pen shapes, then painted them in with gesso. The gesso helps to make it look more solid, since it covers up the background. I then filled in the shading and details in the pen using the actual pens my coworker gave me. For extra detail I made it look like the pens left lines going across the page.

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