Visual Journal Page 6: Blue Chairs

Visual Journal Page 6-Blue Chairs

Almost five years after buying my first house, I am still not finished buying furniture, painting walls, or decorating in general. At this point, it feels like a never ending cycle. As soon as one room is complete, I move onto the next one, until I return to my starting point and realize, I no longer like that pillow pattern, wall color, or need a new throw for the sofa.

This visual journal page was created only 2 and a half years after moving in. It was slow progress saving up the money we needed to complete critical projects, such as adding a table and chairs to the empty space in our kitchen. For two and a half years, a pendant light hung over nothing but air and tile in our kitchen. Not only did the space feel incomplete, the hanging light was also a hazard. With no table blocking the path, people would walk through and bang their head on the light. I had been patient long enough, it was time to finish the space.

When Nick and I got married, one of the places we registered was Crate & Barrel. I love the modern style, clean lines, and bright colors that are carried throughout their products. We registered for the typical pots and pans, place settings, and flatware; but I also added a few items I feel in love with, but knew no one would buy us, such as the beautiful, turquoise, slat-back chairs.

I yearned for the chairs from the first day I saw them, but at practically $200 a piece, they were no where near our budget. For two and a half years I checked the Crate & Barrel website, searching for a coupon, sale, or any option to bring them into my price range. After what seemed like an eternity, a sale popped up, and my chairs were marked down. I immediately went to the store, thrilled to finally complete my kitchen.

When I arrived, only two chairs were left in the state of Georgia, and they were mine. Now all I had to do was find the perfect table…


  • Visual journal
  • rubber cement
  • Old book pages
  • Pencil
  • colored pencil
  • Scissors
  • Xacto knife


To create this visual journal page, I decided to create a cohesive image using just one material, colored pencils. I started by re-drawing the kitchen space on two book pages. I sketched out the windows, walls, and floors, using pencil, then layered colored pencil on top. When drawing with colored pencils I highly recommend using the Prismacolor brand. They are expensive, at nearly $1.00 a pencil, but worth the cost. If you slowly layer a mix of tints and shades of one color, it creates an interesting blend, with a lot of depth.

Once I completed the background, I used rubber cement to glue the book pages to my visual journal. Next, I sketched out the chairs. I used at least 5 different shades of blues to achieve the range of darks and lights. A white colored pencil was used last to add the highlights to the chairs. Remember, when shading in color, shadows are rarely black. Typically the shadows are a darker version of the color they are overlapping.

After my chairs were drawn and filled in, I used scissors and an Xacto knife to cut them out. I glued them on top of the background, and my page was complete!


Create a visual journal page about the one thing you want to purchase most. It could be something you are saving up for, will never be able to buy, or are heading out to pick up today. Good luck and have fun!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and read today’s post. Help me spread the word by sharing with others. I couldn’t do it without you. Check out my visual journal lesson plan here and bundle pack here. Thanks for stopping by!

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