Visual Journal Page 59: Wedding Gifts!
















Besides actually getting married to the person I love, the best thing about getting married was presents!! Nick and I had a lot of fun registering for all of our gifts (to see the visual journal page made about our registry click here), and I couldn’t wait until they started coming in.

Our very first gift arrived a few weeks before our wedding, and it really made it feel real. Our big day was quickly approaching, and this was another reminder that we were loved and supported in our decision. The first gift came from the Roadens, my parents good friends, a couple I grew up with. It was meaningful that is was our first gift, and it was meaningful it came from them.

I hate to admit it, but I don’t even remember what was in the box. I want to say it was wine glasses, but two years later and a few gifts later, I can’t say with any certainty. However, it wasn’t what was in the box that mattered, it was the gesture, the show of support and celebration in our honor. This gift t was important for feeding my excitement, for being a reminder that we were taking this big step, for a show of love and support, and I knew it needed to be remembered.

CHALLENGE: Create a page about an important gift you received. It could be your favorite childhood toy, a meaningful piece of jewelry, a representation of an important step in your life. If available, use a piece of the packaging in the page.
















To create this visual journal page I used the packaging the gift was wrapped in. It was important for me to make a page to remember this moment, and the way I felt, and I thought there was no better way to create it than with the actual gift. I used the wrapping used to protect the gift for the base, I hot glued the ribbon on top, cut out an image from a Crate and Barrel ad, glued it with rubber cement, and glued the card on top. I made sure I was able to open the card so I could always read it!

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