Visual Journal Page 56: Yellow Plate Day


I believe that everyone has their quirks. Everyone has some little routine, task, or object that makes them feel a little better, a little more balanced. I am a self proclaimed routiner. I live for my routine. I enjoy doing things in a certain order, taking care of my “little tasks”, as Nick so lovingly refers to them, it makes me feel better prepared and ready for whatever is coming next. Perhaps it’s borderline OCD, or perhaps its just a trait of a well organized person; regardless, it’s what I enjoy doing to make it through my day.

In the morning I wake up, turn on the shower and brush my teeth. After the shower I dry my hair, put on lotion, and get dress. Next, I put a base coat of makeup, dry my hair, finish my makeup, and finish styling my hair. I add finishing touches to my outfit, and head downstairs to make my oh-so-important coffee. While the coffee is brewing I fix breakfast, I can’t make it through the day without my breakfast. Whether it’s a bagel, cup of yogurt, or biscuit, it gets my day started off right, and is a necessity. At this point in my routine my bird plates make their appearance.

While registering for my wedding day gifts, I discovered these adorable, red, green, and yellow bird plates at Pier One. I instantly feel in love, and attempted to register for them. I was disappointed to find that Pier One did not offer registry or wish list options. I was slightly bummed, and unsure of how people would discover I needed these plates for my marital kitchen. Lucky for me I have wonderful Mom who pays attention, told her friend it would be a great shower gift, and I received the entire set at my first wedding shower.

Since the moment I saw these plates I knew I had to have them, the yellow ones in particular. They were special, made me smile, and I was positive food would taste better off of them. Every morning I pull down one of these plates to carry my breakfast to the car, and secure crumbs as I chow down on the way to work. It’s a nice little bright spot in my routine that makes my early morning wake up a little better. As much as I love the red and green options, there is something about that yellow plate. On those dark mornings when I reach up to grab my daily plate, and it comes down yellow, I almost feel like it’s an omen. It’s as if it’s a sign that today is going to be a good day. No matter what happens the rest of the day, I know I started the day with that bright, yellow, bird plate, and because of that, today will be a good day.

Superstition? Perhaps. But it’s these little tid-bits that make each day a little more special.


  • Visual Journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencil
  • Old book pages
  • Black sharpie


For this visual journal page I knew I had to keep it simple, and focus on the yellow plate. I began by grabbing my yellow plate, a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. I traced around the outside edge of the plate and began recreating the design on the paper. Once I was satisfied with the placement and details I began coloring the design in with Prisma colored pencils. Since I needed to get a very specific, mustardy shade of yellow, I had to combine and layer a few different shades of yellow. In general, whenever I color with colored pencils I always layer different shades of a color to create a greater sense of depth.

Once the plate drawing was filled in I tried placing it in my book to find the perfect spot. However, I couldn’t find a good place to put it, without going off the edge of the page. I wanted to avoid setting it right in the center of my book, layouts are always more pleasing when the focus is off center. Finally, after a lot of playing around, I decided the best option was to place it in the bottom right corner and cut off the extra. I also decided to add ripped up book pages and place them between the plate drawing and the book, to help the plate pop a little more.

Once I had the pages and plate glued down, it still didn’t look complete. I thought about where to place my words, and opted to put them along the rim of the plate. However, this still left the top part of the page empty. To fill up space I layer more book pages and one section of the plate that was cut off to the top left side of the page to create a more balanced layout.


Create a visual journal page about a detail of your OCD, daily routine, or personal quirks.

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