Visual Journal Page 50: Two Peas in a Pod

I have been lucky to have some pretty amazing roommates. A lot of people warn you not to room with a close friend when you go off to school, but I took a risk and roomed with my best friend from high school, and we happily lived together for five years. Throughout college we had various friends happily move in and out, and after school I moved in with yet another close high school friend, and I couldn’t have asked for a better roomie.

I felt we complimented each other very well. We liked the same TV shows, we were both very clean, we liked hanging out, we did favors for each other, and we knew when to give each other space. While living in our upstairs apartment in Candler Park we would hang out on the front porch, on the sofa watching TV, and plan all the amazing trips we were going to take together. One day it would be a trip to LA, Nashville, Florida, the next it would be Paris, the Netherlands, Spain. We would plan what we would do, where we would go, and all the things we would see.

Unfortunately, a broke recent college grad and a broke college student don’t make a good combination when it comes to traveling. We never made it around the US and off to Europe, but we did make our own adventures in our neighborhood and in the city. We went on walks, explored nearby parks, visited Oakland Cemetery, went to festivals, discovered local restaurants, and spent time together in general. Although we never made it on our exotic vacations, I think our real life adventures are more fun than all the ones we dream up.

CHALLENGE: Create a page with a mod podge transfer! See instructions below.

To create this visual journal page I used two types of image transfers, a tape transfer and a mod podge transfer. To create the tape transfer I used a picture of a pea pod I found in a magazine. I felt like a pea pod was appropriate for this page because I really felt like Katie and I were two peas in a pod. If you are a new reader visit my supplies page or my Botanical Proposal post to learn about tape transfers. On the right side page I created a mod podge transfer using a photograph I took of an old door at the Oakland Cemetery. To make a mod podge transfer you need to go to a craft store, such as Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s, and buy a bottle of mod podge. You can buy matte or glossy, I prefer matte, but the choice is yours.

To get started you need an image printed from a laser printer to get a good transfer, this is typically of most image transfers.Once you have your printed image you paint a layer of mod podge on top, let it dry, paint another layer, let it dry. After you have two dried coats you paint one more layer, and while it’s still wet, lay it face down on the surface you want to transfer it to. Once again let it dry. After it has dried wet the back with water, and when the paper starts to peel up, rub it off with your fingers. The result should be your image stuck to the paper, with no white paper left on top. You may have to rub over the image multiple times to get all of the paper off. If you rub too hard you may pull some of the ink off, be careful if you want a perfect transfer! For this page I opted for a rougher look, so I chose to take off sections of the ink. To finish off the page I added writing using a calligraphy pen and India ink, and also added details back in the door where too much ink came off. A mod podge transfer creates a mirror image, so words will end up backwards if you don’t reverse them before you transfer them!

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