Visual Journal Page 48: The Real Caesar’s Palace


There is nothing in this world like Vegas hotels.

I had no idea that part of the fun of Sin City is spending daytime hours touring the hotels. Each hotel has its own theme, outrageous decor, over the top architecture, and interesting design. In four short days I think we saw it all, I felt like my legs were going to fall off simply from walking through hotel lobby after hotel lobby.

There was NY, NY, the Venetian, the Bellagio, Paris Las Vegas. I was continuously amazed by the amount of detail that went into designing each hotel. Our first hotel stay was spent at Mandalay Bay, which gave us an amazing view of the strip and great show options, but I couldn’t wait to go to our second stop, Caesar’s Palace.

After all Caesar’s Palace is legendary, referenced in Vegas movie after Vegas movie, and perhaps most famously in The Hangover. Zach Galifianakis’ perfect line “You probably get this a lot… This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace is it?” is the first thing I thought of as I entered through the sliding glass doors and into the ornate white statue lined lobby.

There is nothing that better reflects my view of Vegas than cheesy, over the top, and the blend of modern and white greek statues truly fit into my mental image. As we approached the front desk I was in complete awe of the magnitude of the lobby, and I began to wander as my Aunt checked us in. As we waited for our plastic room keys I began imaging our room, what on earth could it look like if this is just the lobby?

As Aunt Lydia returned ready to take us to her room she looked very pleased. It turned out we were upgraded from our two standard rooms to two suites. I knew it a “suite” sounded better, but I had no idea what I was in for.

We entered our room and I was confused when I was greeted by a dining room table rather than a bed. I quickly realized we would have to turn a corner to see the rest, but hotel room isn’t in the shape of a rectangular box? We made way around the corner and found ourselves in the living room. A hotel with a living room? We went into the next room and found our massive king size bed, lush chairs, enormous walk in closet, and a bathroom 10 people could use at once without rubbing elbows. I was actually staying in a hotel room with two separate rooms, two bathrooms, and there were only two of us sharing it! To top it off shortly after arriving we discovered a TV built into the bathroom mirror, just in case the giant flat screen TV in the living room and bedroom weren’t enough. It was an easy choice to make this my second highlight of our Las Vegas Mom-Aunt-Daughter-Sister trip.

If Caesar were alive today I think he would approve of the lavish setting that is Caesar’s Palace.


  • Visual journal
  • Pencil
  • Prisma colored pencils
  • Extra fine sharpie


When it came time to create this page I knew I had to find a way to recapture the size of the suite my sister and I shared. After brainstorming different options, from doing a blueprint style plan to collaging different views of the room together, I opted to keep it simple and redraw the view from the bed.

To start it off I used a pencil to rough out the layout. Once I had a good idea about what would go where I began cleaning up my lines and drawing the objects in more clearly. Next I began filling in the color with Prisma colored pencils.

I you have been following my blog by now you must know my Prisma spiel about how expensive they are but how worth it it is. Just as a reminder they are very expensive, about $1.00 a pencil, but they really are worth it! They are more expensive because there is a higher concentration of pigment in them. This means that you can build up layers of colors and as the pigment builds up the layers start to blend which creates a very smooth creamy finish.

Whenever I add color I never use just one shade of a color. If available I always mix different shades of greens, browns, or whatever color I am working with. By mixing colors you will create a more interesting look with a greater sense of depth. For example, in the dresser I used four different shades of brown, light colors for the highlights blended together, and darker colors for the shadows blended together.

After I added my details and colored everything in I wrote my words using pencils first, then went back over with an extra fine sharpie.


Visit your local arts and crafts stores and either pick up a pack of Prismas or the highest quality colored pencil you can afford. Take them how and try out the layering technique. A great source for how to videos is youtube! Simply search: how to draw with prisma colored pencils.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you help me spread the word by sharing with others, liking, tweeting, commenting, and subscribing! I can’t do it without you! Thanks for stopping by!


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