Visual Journal Page 48: Dreaming of Hawaii

I would love to go to Hawaii… One day I will go to Hawaii… My parents went to Hawaii… but they left their children at home. At this point we are all grown up, but a part of you reverts back to a child when you hear your parents are going somewhere fun without you. They earned it, they did raise and successfully get three kids out of their house. But I will be the first to admit I was a little jealous…

While my parents were laying in the beach, journeying through the amazing islands, texting and e-mailing pictures to make me more jealous, I was at home running puppy camp. Little Dusty, small stature but large personality, got to spend a whole week at with me in Atlanta. It is always fun when Dusty pays us a visit. It gets a little crazy while he is here, but Jake and Kody sleep for days afterward, so it’s worth it.

The week went quickly. I got a lot of exercise because my three walks a day turned into 6, I can walk two dogs at once, but three is not going to happen. However, I kept dreaming and thinking about Hawaii. How nice it would be to sit on a beach, watch volcanoes, go for a swim. I enjoy watching Dust, but it is a little more difficult when you are stuck in the city while you parents are on a luxurious vacation. We did miss my parents, and we did have fun… but not nearly as much fun as them…

CHALLENGE: Create a page about a place you wish you could go. It could be real, fake, close, or far. Use magazines, paint, whatever will best reflect the image and feel you want to achieve!

This page was the occurrence of lucky magazine finds. I don’t think I realized how jealous I really was of them until I found a Hawaii article while they were gone in a National Geographic. I immediately ripped out the images, and started to form a collage in my head. I had been collecting pictures of Westies, so luckily I had one on hand to incorporate. I cut out plants, rocks, and images of the islands, and left other images whole to create a more unified background. Once I had a rough layout I started to glue everything down with rubber cement. To do something different I decided to print words out and create a tape transfer (to learn about tape transfers visit the supplies page). I was happy with the end result because the words stand out much less than they typically do when I write with sharpie.

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