Visual Journal Page 47: Mini Woes

If you read my blog regularly you may know by now that I own a Mini Cooper and I love him. He was the first car I bought on my own. I saved my money, picked him out, went to the dealership, and signed the papers. I was so excited the first time I got behind that wheel to drive it off the lot, but I was terrified something would happen to him.

Less than a year after I got my little car my fears were realized. Like any other morning I rushed out the door, juggling my purse, bag, and coffee. I hopped in, started Rupert up, only to realize he needed a gas stop in order to make it to Covington that day. I reluctantly pulled into the gas station and started to fill him up, when my eyes fell upon a hand size dent right above the gas tank.

I was so appalled and upset, someone had backed into him while I was parked in front of my apartment. My car is literally called a Mini… he is so small, how on Earth could someone hit him? And why didn’t they leave a note like a nice person should… Poor Rupert still has that dent, and I still get sad when I see it… One day it will be fixed, he will be perfect again, but then I will just have to wait around until something else happens…

CHALLENGE: Dedicate a page to your transportation, whether it’s your car, train, bus, ride, etc. It can be about how much you love it, hate it, an unfortunate event that happened with it, a fond memory. Just make sure your transporter is the focus of the page!

To create this page I did a quick sketch of my Mini, and dyed the page with blue bleeding tissue paper. I didn’t want it to be solid, so I created a splatter effect by placing a drop of colored water on the page, and blowing it at an angle. I then put the white areas back in with gesso, and outlined it with a sharpie. It still didn’t look complete so I added sharpie squiggles to the background to give it a darker feel. Since Rupert was injured I thought it was appropriate to add band aids to the page, and decided it was a great place to add words.

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