Visual Journal Page 46: Muse

One of Nick’s favorite bands is Muse. When we first started dating he played them constantly and always talked about a concert of theirs he went to, and obviously had a great time at. One year as his birthday was coming around I decided to surprise him with tickets. I tried to keep it quiet, hoping he wouldn’t notice they were coming to town… I was so excited, I knew he would freak out!

Apparently Nick gets e-mails from every ticket place in existence and found out quickly they were coming, and my birthday plans were foiled. It ended up working out, we were able to plan a large group outing, and planned pre concert tailgating and festivities.

The concert was a good show, and when I say show, I mean show…  The musicians were on three pillars that went up and down, and showed images on the sides. The lights were amazing, the concert was really visually unbelievable. The only downside was that since Nick saw them in a much smaller show at the Tabernacle, they had blown up. We were now seeing them play at the Gwinnett arena, which is a huge space. We ending up in seats, up pretty high, on the right side. It was a far cry from the up close to the stage, small shows we were used to seeing.

Despite being a great show Nick and I decided it was better to avoid big arenas, and stick with our smaller venues. It is so much more enjoyable to see a show in a place that allows you to move around, and doesn’t require you to watch a big screen to see anything, rather than the actual stage.

CHALLENGE: Create a page about your favorite song/band/concert/show. Incorporate images that remind you of them/the place. Incorporate song lyrics if you feel compelled!

For this visual journal page I wanted to capture the feeling of the show, since the visual effects were so amazing. I used our tickets to recreate the three pillars, then added construction paper and colored pencil to add details. I used cut strips of masking tape to imitate the lights, then used colored pencil to create a smokey haze background. I decided to go back on top of the colored pencil with watered down gesso to push the haze/smokey feel even more.

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