Visual Journal Page 42: Snow in the South

Growing up in Georgia means you don’t get snow often, but when you do no matter how little snowfall you get, school will always be canceled. Growing up in the south also meant that no matter how much snowfall you got, you always went sledding, even if it meant riding on mud.

As a school teacher I still get those occasional days off, and like all teachers, I get very excited at any prospect of snow (and a day off). I had been closely following the forecast for about a week, it started to flurry the night before, but I didn’t get my hopes up… I convinced myself it wouldn’t stick… Then, early the next morning I woke up to a phone call from my Dad… No school!! It was just like I was back in elementary school, the excitement, the plans for playing in the snow, and waking up with the good new by my Dad (of course he is used to checking the school weather with a teacher for a wife and two teachers for daughters).

Although we only got a couple of inches Nick and I were immediately out, ready to sled with Jake and Kody. We were both still relatively new to the area, and didn’t know the best place to go. We walked around, sled down a few hills at Lake Claire, and continued our journey to Candler Park. Once we arrived, we tested out a few hills, had a few runs, and continued through the park. We hiked through the kiddie park, across the river, and we arrived at the public golf course, and found the most amazing hills.

We spent the afternoon sledding on our fancy Flexible Flyer sled, much to the envy of our fellow sledders who were using a range of items like garbage can lids, laundry baskets, and pieces of cardboard. By the end of the day we were all tuckered out and content after some amazing sled rides. Since our sledding paradise discovery we have gone back every snow day.

CHALLENGE: Create a photo collage. Either print pictures on computer paper or use photo paper (if you want a ripped look to your page use computer paper). Try combining multiple images together, repeat people in the same scene, try to create depth!

To create this visual journal page I used pictures I took during the snow day. I printed out multiple images that had sky showing, ripped it up and glued it down using rubber cement. I did the same for the snowy ground. I wanted to make sure it had a patchwork effect, so I chose pictures with different texture in the ground and sky. I wanted to include a picture of my apartment, because I love it so much, I cut it out and incorporated it. To help bring the house and my car together I added extra stairs that went behind my car. I cut out multiple pictures of Nick and the pups and glued them down. When creating a collage like this it’s important to consider an illusion of depth. For example, the Nick that’s furthest away is also the smallest. This isn’t always required, especially if you are going for a look that is more abstract, but it does help the viewer make sense of the scene.

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