Visual Journal Page 41: Friendship Vows

Friendship is incredibly important to a person’s well being. You need people to lean on when you need help, to make you feel loved, to spend time with, to keep you from being lonely, to help make you a happy person. These may seem like selfish reasons, and yes they are selfish, but from that you hopefully can develop a deep connection with someone and give as much as you take.

I feel like my group of friends are straight out of the movies. We have kept in touch since high school, we see each other when we can, and despite moving to various places across the country, we always stay updated on each others lives. I love these ladies and I have no doubt that we will continue to stay in touch, and be those non related aunts to each others children.

Through the years I have had my ups and downs and my Elly, Jessi, Nicci, and Katie have always been there for me. Likewise, they have had their ups and downs and I hope I have done the same for them. Through thick and thin, break ups, fights, living together, two weddings, and all we have loved each other and continue to support each other. Friendship can be similar to marriage and I can’t wait to grow old with them and I promise to love them forever!

To create this visual journal page I printed off pictures of us together, cut them out, and collaged them. To create somewhat of a focal point I used two notes, one from Elly, one from Nicci. After I completed this page I was happy with it, mainly because I felt it really conveyed our friendship. However as a successful page this isn’t one of my best. It would have been better to focus on one image, to prevent it from being busy. Despite this, I am happy with it because it reminds me of my friends, and in the end the purpose of a visual journal is to remind you of important moments and memories.

CHALLENGE: Create a dedication page to a good friend, if you can try to incorporate a photograph.

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