Visual Journal Page 39: Christmas

I LOVE Christmas! During the Christmas season it’s hard to get my spirits down because my holiday cheer is so strong. I am a Christmas nut. Fall is my favorite season because the weather is amazing, the leaves are changing, and it means the holiday season is approaching!

Although I am a self proclaimed Christmas nut, I’m not the type of nut that decorates in July or leaves their tree up through Valentines Day. My rule is you cannot decorate until after Thanksgiving… but the day after Thanksgiving you better believe I am trimming my tree and putting up lights!

This visual journal page is about Christmas 2009. It was my first Christmas in my own, paid on my own apartment in Atlanta. I got a little tree, put lights on our balcony, and despite not having a fireplace, stockings where hung! I really wanted to make a page that reflected my general feeling of bliss during the Christmas season, and by finding the joyful looking character and including Christmas decor I believe I was successful!

To create this page I mostly used images from Crate and Barrel’s Christmas catalog. While flipping through the magazine I found the children section, where they had the “World of Nog” which included this very excitable looking character… I saw the image…. and knew that is what I look like during Christmas. The page quickly came together as I found the images and created the scene. I used rubber cement to glue everything down.

CHALLENGE: Create a page about your favorite holiday. It can be general, focusing on the feeling, or specific, focusing on a specific event or gift.

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